Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

When undergoing a home remodel, there are countless aspects to think about during the planning and design stages. Storage, plumbing, tiling, woodwork, color scheme, appearance, and cost are all things that you are likely weighing heavily when trying to craft your design vision. However, there is one aspect that could be potentially overlooked, but could also drastically change your project for the better. Natural lighting is an inviting, free substitute to artificial illumination.

Why Natural Lighting?

Natural lighting can increase how lively and vibrant a room feels. It can also reduce the cost of your electric bill in the long run, since you would likely be using less electricity.

Big Changes – Altering Your Home

This probably goes without saying, but the quickest, most practical way to increase the natural lighting in your home is to install new windows. Windows can stretch to the ceiling to maximize the amount of natural sunlight in the room. You could also replace an existing window with double French doors, which help natural light stream across a room.

If you are really looking to take on a remodeling project, you can raise the ceiling, opening the room and making it feel airier. A higher ceiling can also allow for the installation of taller windows, as we just mentioned. You also have the option of widening doorways or knocking down walls. Open floor plans have been growing in popularity; an open floor plan will allow an ample amount of natural light to enter the room.

Minor Changes That Still Provide Natural Light

Working on a budget but still looking for the benefits that natural lighting can offer? You’re in luck! Painting in a light color can help the appearance of natural light, as lighter colors can impact how bright a room appears. Neutral colors are also ideal for use in dark rooms. And at the very least, your ceiling should be white, or a neutral color. You can also add glass, metal, or other reflective surfaces that will bounce light around the room. A well-placed mirror can surprisingly increase the amount of natural light in your room.

If possible, you could also trim back the vegetation outside your home. Overgrown trees and bushes can easily block sunlight from entering your home.

Natural Lighting Can Be A Perfect Upgrade To Your Home

If adding natural lighting sounds like an intriguing prospect to you, please contact us by filling out the form here. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the remodeling goals that you have been dreaming of!