When You Need a Plumber in the Kitchen

when-you-need-a-plumber-in-the- kitchen

When people think of calling a plumber, the first thing they think of is a stopped-up sink. Though plumbers are the best person to call to get your pipes back to working order, they can do a lot more than that for you and your home.

Important Installation Jobs

Plumbers are associated with drains and toilets, but when it comes to anything that involves water, a plumber is the one who knows exactly what to do. When doing an upgrade, or a full remodel, of a kitchen, plumbers put the finishing touches on the scene. They hook up automatic ice makers for the freezer, set up the hoses and drains for the dishwasher, install the new garbage disposal, and adjust those fancy new faucets in the kitchen sink.

Repairing Trouble Spots

Of course, plumbers do plenty of repair jobs as well. When the icemaker, disposal, and dishwasher go on the fritz, a plumber will be there to save the day. Besides, there will always be the toilet that won’t flush, the drain that won’t unclog (no matter how many bottles of over-the-counter chemicals you put in there), the hot water tank that starts leaking, and the sink that won’t stop leaking. From the ultimate helper in the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, your plumber might just become your best friend.

We Do Plumbing Right

We excel at our kitchen and bathroom remodels, and we offer a full line of plumbing services as well. We’ve been in the plumbing business for over 40 years and we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to everything from hot water tank failures to clogs. The next time you need a plumber to install new appliances, check your hot water heater, or for the good old-fashioned reason of unclogging the drain, give us a call.