Not Just For Breakfast: The Nook

The kitchen has always been a gathering place in the home.  As meals are cooked, children learn the important difference between salt and sugar in a family recipe.  Mothers and fathers teach the basics of boiling water and making toast.  As the children and family grow, new lessons are taught, from the facts of life to the facts of a ground-rule double. Even if the kids have no interest in cooking, they all have an interest in eating and where better to do that than right in the kitchen?

Maybe you’re looking to open up your space, add more cabinets, or put in those state-of-the-art appliances you’ve always wanted.  Maybe you’re planning to do all of the above.  But whatever plans you have for your kitchen remodeling project, consider adding a place that is not only valuable to your kitchen design, but valuable to your family time as well; a breakfast nook.

What Is A Nook?

A nook is a place that adds space and atmosphere.  It can be quite simple, really.  All you need is a set-aside place where you can add seating and a table.  Some nooks include a bench that runs along one of the walls in the nook area, which provides more seating than regular chairs and can offer extra storage space under the seats. Some nooks have their own small space carved out of the kitchen, while others can be created in a corner as long as you have an area to create it.

If you’re looking for a place to have breakfast, a place for family game night, a place for the neighborhood kids to hang out while you keep one ear open, or just a place for the kids to do homework while you make dinner, consider a nook.

And when it comes to the plans for your breakfast nook, or for your entire kitchen remodel, the professional staff at Cardigan can help you come up with a design you love and a creation that is one-of-a-kind. A new kitchen is a big project to take on, so why take it on alone? Give us a call and we’ll help you turn your home gathering place into something spectacular.

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