Odenton MD Bathroom Remodeling

Odenton MD Bathroom Remodeling
Some of the earliest American suburbs sit between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Busy passenger trains connected the two cities back in the 19th century, and the stops along the way became popular places to build a quiet home in the country. The town of Odenton, for one, owes its early existence to the Potomac Railroad. These days commuters tend to use cars rather than trains, but Odenton remains a large suburb.

Thanks to this history, Odenton also has a variety of homes and neighborhoods built throughout the decades. The exteriors offer a fascinating look at the changing fashions of architecture, but if you live inside one of these homes you need more than just good looks. You need a house equipped with modern electrical and plumbing systems, and you need appliances and fixtures to match. So if your house could use an update, you should contact Cardigan for your Odenton, MD bathroom remodeling and kitchen updating needs.

Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

If you own an older home in a suburb like Odenton, chances are good that you appreciate its old design. New houses are springing up throughout central Maryland in every price range, so it’s not hard to find an alternative. However, just because you appreciate old architecture doesn’t mean you should have to live with rusty old plumbing, wasteful toilets, inefficient stoves, or dishwashers that never seem to work right.

At Cardigan, we specialize in kitchens and bathrooms because these are the hardest parts of the house to remodel. With bedrooms and family rooms you can repaint the walls and move the furniture around, but a kitchen is full of heavy appliances and both counters and cabinets that are built right into the walls. Bathrooms have the same cabinets, plus you have sinks, toilets, and bathtubs that aren’t easy to move, and that’s why you should call the experts when you need an Odenton, MD bathroom remodeling. And once we’re done, you’ll get to enjoy an old home with a completely new kitchen and bathrooms.

Enjoy Modern Technology

Older ovens and refrigerators are inefficient, both because of how they fall apart as they age and because newer appliances use new designs and technologies that add more functions without wasting more electricity. This is especially true right now thanks to the wave of smart appliances coming out that let you control them from your smartphone. However, if you want your new appliances installed safely and correctly, you’re best off asking a professional remodeling service to do the job.

Your bathroom can also benefit from newer plumbing fixtures. Low-flow toilets get the same job done but use less water, and your bathtub could benefit from basic things like a new showerhead and a less slippery textured tub or more advanced things like a waterproof display on one wall or water jets that make a bubble bath foam up. There are a lot of ways to benefit from an Odenton, MD bathroom remodeling.

Find Ways To Improve Every Room

As full-service bathroom and kitchen remodelers, Cardigan can replace or add cabinets to your home thanks to our partnership with Yorktowne, an American cabinetry company that creates an amazing variety of cabinets with plenty of options for wood type, stain, paint color, and shape. We regularly install Yorktowne cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, but we can also add them to living rooms that need some extra organization and laundry rooms that need a place you can safely store detergent and cleaning supplies. For that matter, we can also replace your washer and dryer with high-efficiency models.

Another service we offer is tile installation. Our ceramic tiles create a durable and easily cleaned floor with plenty of options for colors and patterns, and we can add them as part of an Odenton, MD bathroom remodeling or with any other room remodeling you might want.

Cardigan started off as a simple Crofton plumbing service, but these days we can handle tough jobs like Odenton, MD bathroom remodeling and Millersville, MD kitchen upgrading. So if you love the design and architecture of your old home but you think the kitchen could use a major remodeling, you should contact Cardigan online or over the phone and find out all the things we can do to improve your home.