Odenton MD Ceramic Tile

Odenton MD Ceramic TilePeople have been living in the towns and suburbs between Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis for hundreds of years. Some of the first rail lines passed through this area, and America’s first commuters appeared soon afterward. Odenton, in particular, became a town because of the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad. Commuters still choose to make Odenton home thanks to its quiet location and good location near so many Maryland population centers.

But while it’s nice to admire the architecture and interior designs of old homes, there are a few areas of the home where it’s best to keep things up to date and modern. Today’s plumbing fixtures come with more options and waste less water, and kitchen appliances are much better and more energy-efficient the newer their designs are. That’s why Cardigan specializes in kitchens and bathrooms while being your best source for Odenton, MD ceramic tile and cabinetry.

What Tiles Add To Homes

In places like kitchens and bathrooms, it’s always best to go with a hard, stain-resistant floor surface. Carpet is kinder on bare feet, but it’s not a good idea in rooms where you expect regular food and liquid spills. Linoleum is cheap and tough, and wood has nice designs and resists stains when you give it a good finish, but tile has some definite advantages of its own.

For people living in Odenton, MD, ceramic tile can be an attractive choice. Tiles can come in a wider variety of colors and patterns than wood, giving you more choices when you want to match your floor to the rest of your remodeled kitchen or bathroom. It’s also good at resisting damage from falling pots and pans, burn marks from things that came directly off the stove, and stains from spilled liquids of every kind. You can also use tiles to line the walls of a bathroom or sit behind the kitchen counter as backsplashes

What Remodeling Adds To Homes

Architecture and interior design are all about style and fashion, and while it’s nice to try something new the old ways aren’t necessarily worse. But when it comes to technology, newer designs are almost always better. Refrigerators replaced iceboxes, electric lights replaced candles and lamps, and a new low-flow toilet uses much less water than the old bowls did.

At Cardigan, we started out as a regular plumbing service back in the 70s, but we expanded into kitchen and bathroom remodeling because these rooms need regular updates and replacements for the attached houses to stay at their best. And with our help, you can install new fixtures and appliances with the best that modern technology has to offer: waterproof flat screens built into the side of a shower, smart refrigerators that keep track of your food supply, and a high-efficiency washer that needs less water and soap to clean your clothes.

We also remodel the rest of your room while we’re there. That’s why Cardigan also supplies Odenton, MD with ceramic tile and cabinets made by Yorktowne.

What A New Interior Adds To Homes

Thanks to our partnership with Yorktowne, a Cardigan remodeling can include all kinds of styles, colors, and wood types. That means our supply is nearly limitless to meet the needs of people in Odenton, MD for ceramic tile and cabinetry.

We can custom-fit cabinets and shelves for any room in your house, not just your kitchen and bathroom. If you want a custom, wall-mounted cabinet for your home entertainment system, or if you need extra shelves in your laundry room for your mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies, we can help. And while we don’t finish basements, we can add some finishing touches to a basement by making sure it has some fine cabinets to use for storage space.

At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we help the people of Millersville, Crofton, and Odenton, MD with ceramic tile installations, cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and regular plumbing services. Our decades of experience give us the expertise we need to make a major remodeling go as quickly and smoothly as possible, and our team of designers is ready to work with you to make your dream home a reality. Contact us anytime through our website or our phone number, or visit our office in Crofton to find out how we can help you.