Odenton MD Plumbing Services

Odenton is a crossroads of central Maryland. It sits between Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Annapolis, and the Odenton community was around even back when a train was the fastest way to get anywhere. When the cities started to expand outwards, Odenton became a perfect place to settle, and even now the community’s population is booming.

Thanks to having over a century of population growth, the homes of Odenton are of every age you can think of. That makes it challenging for anyone who wants to refurbish or remodel an important room like a kitchen or bathroom. Even just repairing the plumbing demands experts who understand old-fashioned systems as well as modern pipes. Fortunately, Cardigan Kitchens and Baths is here to help with all your Odenton, MD plumbing services.

Take Advantage Of Our Decades Of Plumbing Experience

When we first set up shop in Crofton, Cardigan was exclusively a plumbing service. We’ve expanded our offerings since our founding in 1971, but we still offer a full range of plumbing services for central Maryland residents with clogged pipes, leaking joints, and broken machinery. We can repair and maintain just about everything in your home that uses water, including:

• Sinks
• Garbage disposals
• Toilets
• Baths and showers
• Water heaters
• Sump pumps
• Dishwashers
• Icemakers

Thanks to our experience with remodeling rooms and installing cabinets, we can also help with repairing walls and other parts of the house that experience water damage or which have to be removed so our plumbers can reach the damaged or leaking pipes. If you want one company that can handle your plumbing problem from start to finish, you should call Cardigan for your Odenton, MD plumbing services.

Redesign Your Kitchen

For some homeowners, the kitchen is just a place to store food until you eat it. For others, however, it’s the heart of the home, a place where you spend your time making great food, eating, hanging out, and otherwise making use of the kitchen’s many appliances and cabinets. A clean and modern kitchen is also a major selling point when the time comes to put your old home on the market.

Whether you want a new kitchen for a home you want to live in or a home you want to sell, Cardigan can handle it. Our staff can remake your kitchen from the ground up:

• A new sink with a modern garbage disposal
• A new dishwasher that’s both efficient and effective
• A new oven with a built-in microwave/fan above it
• Modern cabinets that follow whatever color scheme and fashion trend catches your eye
• Durable new countertops made out of whatever fits in your budget
• New tile backsplashes and floors that compliment your kitchen’s new look

We can also renovate and improve your home’s old plumbing so that the water quality matches the new look. After all, there’s a reason we offer the best Odenton, MD plumbing services around.

Remake Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a little more tucked away and less obvious than the kitchen, but their appearance and design is always important since you spend time in them every single day. They need to be comfortable and welcoming, the plumbing should work well, and a beautiful appearance is a definite plus.

Cardigan can improve your bathroom not just with Odenton, MD plumbing services, but also by remodeling every part of the room. We can install a larger bathtub with more features, add a showerhead, or install a shower stall. We can replace your toilet with a low-flow model that saves water with every flush. We can replace the sink and cabinets with more modern designs, and we can replace the flooring with the material you prefer, including high-quality tiles.

Our services also extend to other parts of the house where you might need new plumbing, cabinets, or tile floors. This can mean building a cabinet custom-sized to your entertainment system, adding a tile floor to your laundry room, or organizing your home office to create a place for all your supplies. Cardigan Kitchens and Baths is also your local supplier for Yorktowne cabinets.

Whether you need new cabinets, a new bathroom, a new kitchen, or just someone to unclog your sink, Cardigan of Crofton is here to help. From Odenton, MD plumbing services to Bowie floors and Glenn Dale bathtubs, Cardigan has over 40 years of experience to offer anyone in the market for home improvement.