Odenton MD Remodeling

Odenton MD RemodelingOdenton has been a Maryland community since the 19th century. Located on an old railroad stop between Baltimore and Washington, it attracts commuters with jobs in both cities. And with Fort Meade and the state capital Annapolis even closer, people who work in both towns but like a little room to stretch their arms in the evenings have made Odenton one of the fastest-growing parts of the state.

But thanks to a history that extends back to Fort Meade’s founding a century ago and longer, not all of the houses in Odenton are filled with brand-new parts or match the standards of modern design. That’s why we at Cardigan are happy to offer our four decades of experience for any of your Odenton, MD remodeling needs.

Our Roots Are In Plumbing

Cardigan started out back in the day as a basic plumbing company based in Crofton. While we have a lot more to offer now when it comes to Crofton, Bowie, and Odenton, MD remodeling jobs, plumbing is still a central part of our business.

If you have old pipes or leaks that need fixing, if your plumbing fixtures are all clogged up or need repairs, you can trust us to handle the job. It just so happens that if your appliance is beyond fixing or if you’d rather get rid of it and replace it with something new and improved, we can handle that, too. And as an added bonus, we take $20 off your first plumbing service visit no matter what the job demands.

Our Business Is Remodeling

Our services for an Odenton, MD remodeling start by branching out from our plumbing service. That’s why we focus on remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, two rooms that also happen to be some of the most important in the house and the hardest to remodel on your own. While you can change the look of a bedroom by moving some furniture around and giving the walls some new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint, modernizing a kitchen means pulling out some heavy appliances and carefully installing a new set.

There are many reasons to remodel and many benefits to gain by doing so. Remodeling means getting a more efficient oven and refrigerator with extra functions, such as an oven you can set to preheat just before you drive home or a refrigerator that offers ice and filtered water and can alert you when it’s starting to get empty. A bathroom can get a low-flow toilet, and a bathtub can have a waterproof flatscreen added to a wall. Remodeling improves the quality of your home, and it adds to its value when the time comes to sell.

Our Expertise Goes Beyond Plumbing

Between our partners and our decades of business experience, we can do more for your home than just improve your bathroom and kitchen. An Odenton, MD remodeling can also include things like a new tile floor for your bathroom, laundry room, or entryway, or a new set of cabinets to hold your home entertainment system.

For cabinetry, we at Cardigan offer the full line of Yorktowne cabinets. Yorktowne offers cabinets in a variety of solid paint colors, stains, and natural wood shades, and the patterns they offer cover just about every old and new style that will match perfectly with whatever sort of interior design you want to go with.

Tiles are another Cardigan strength. With ceramic and stone options, large and small tile sizes, and all different colors and patterns you can experiment with, we can give you a solid, durable floor worth remembering. The tiles may be cold to bare feet, but that cold touch is welcome on a hot Maryland summer day and it still looks good when you throw on the right kind of rug.

If you have an older home that needs an update, if you have a low-priced home that needs an upgrade, or if you’re one of the thousands who are adding new homes to our community and you need an expert’s opinion, then you should contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths out of Crofton, MD. We can handle all kinds of Bowie, MD plumbing jobs and Odenton, MD remodeling services, so feel free to give us a call or stop by our showroom and office today.