Odenton MD Remodeling

Odenton MD Remodeling
As a sizeable residential community set between Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis, it’s no wonder that Odenton is growing at a rapid pace. Of course, it also helps that Odenton has been Maryland suburb for over 100 years, ever since an early railroad track went through the area to connect Baltimore with Annapolis.

This combination of old history and new growth is fueling a strong demand for Odenton, MD remodeling work, a demand which Cardigan Kitchens and Baths has been happy to fulfill. Our home base is just to the south in Crofton, and so you can count on us to understand the local fashion trends and offer some of the most competitive rates when it comes to remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, adding cabinets to any part of your home, and installing tile floors that use real ceramics.

Remodeling The Kitchen

Originally, Cardigan was a simple plumbing service, but as our experience grew, so did our list of services. When it comes to the kitchen, an Odenton, MD remodeling job should certainly start with the plumbing system, since the kitchen sink is one of the places where you’re guaranteed to spend at least some of your time even if you don’t often cook. As such, while a kitchen faucet doesn’t need to be fancy to do its job, a nice sink design is something that everyone in the home can appreciate.

However, the kitchen isn’t the only part of the kitchen that can really benefit from a thorough remodeling. Replacing an old oven or microwave could make your cooking experiences much easier and less frustrating, plus you’ll have the opportunity to switch between electric and natural gas as an oven heat source.

Still, when it comes to redesigning the appearance of your kitchen, the three main ingredients are cabinets, counters, and walls. Replacing the cabinets gives you the opportunity to switch away from the plain pine or uninspired white cabinets that come standard with many homes and choose something new, something like the raw browns of reclaimed wood or a sunnier shade of paint that compliments the new shade you’re applying to the walls. It also gives you the chance to switch to granite or slate counters, counters which are as durable as they are beautiful.

Remodeling The Bathroom

Any Odenton, MD remodeling job should include the bathroom at the very least. After all, while you can ignore the kitchen, avoid the front rooms, and repurpose the bedrooms in any home, the one room you can’t avoid spending time in is the bathroom. And considering that, why shouldn’t it be as modern and fashionable as you can make it?

Remodeling the bathroom involves many of the same elements as remodeling the kitchen, particularly where it comes to cabinets, counters, and sinks. However, while there’s only so much you can do to update an oven or a microwave, there are a lot of things you can do to improve a toilet and particularly a bath or shower. At the very least, a low-flow toilet can save you a lot of money on water use as the years go by.

As for the bathtub, you could replace it with a more fashionable design, or you could get one which uses massaging jets to relax your shoulders and whip up enough foam for a bubble bath. You could also install a waterproof TV or display on one wall, making it possible to watch your favorite shows as you soak without having to worry about electrocuting yourself.

Home Cabinetry

Cabinets can come in handy throughout the rest of the home, too, so your Odenton, MD remodeling by Cardigan doesn’t need to stop with the kitchen and the bathroom. Adding cabinets to your home is an excellent way to improve your home’s storage space while also improving the look of a foyer or family room.

New cabinets can give you a place to fit your home entertainment system, a place to store important documents and home office supplies, and they can make it easier to store your rags, broom, mop, and cleaning chemicals in your laundry room.

Sometimes people remodel because they want to personalize a new home, and sometimes people remodel to improve their home value before they sell it and move out. Sometimes the reason is nothing more complicated than the fact that you have the money to spare and you think it’s time to make a change. Whatever your reasons may be, if you should need an Odenton, MD remodeling, you should consider contacting Cardigan Kitchens and Baths.