Optimize Your Cabinet Space

Crofton Cabinet Contractors Can Optimize Cabinet Space

If you’re working with a Crofton cabinet contractor to upgrade a kitchen with new cabinets, one thing that can make a huge difference is personalizing the storage space. Regardless of the quality of your cabinet, if you go with a basic “barebones” option, you’ll get a lot of empty space.

With a bit of thoughtful planning, however, you can do much more with that cabinet space. It’s possible to customize it more specifically to your needs to make your cabinets more practical and convenient in day-to-day cooking. A few changes that can make a big difference include:

Rolling Shelves

Always a fantastic, convenient addition, rolling shelves turn some cabinets into drawers, meaning that you can pull the entire shelf out and get whatever you need easily, even if it’s in the rear. Rolling shelves are especially useful for pot and pan storage, as these are bigger, bulkier items that can be difficult to get out without removing all other pots and pans first to get at the one you need that day.

Appliance Storage

Sometimes called “appliance garages,” fans of kitchen gadgets like coffee machines, waffle makers, air fryers, and pressure cookers can get away with storing one or two appliances directly on the countertop. However, get too many gadgets, and they start taking up a lot of precious counter space that should be used for food preparation. So instead, dedicated appliance garages can keep this gear out of the way until you need it.

Add A Pantry

You may add a pantry cabinet to your kitchen for even more food storage options for the ultimate convenience. Pantries are excellent for storing all your dried goods in one place, letting you create your own storage configurations such as a spice rack, pasta storage, or even rice storage if you prepare a lot of Asian or South Asian cuisine.

Just talk to your Crofton cabinet contractor to help plan for your cabinets to the next level of personalization.