Organizing Your Bathroom Cabinets: Tips For Efficient Storage

Contractor Cabinets: Tips For Efficient Storage Organization

Effective contractor cabinets can greatly improve the functionality and organization of your bathroom space. It helps keep everything clutter-free, leaving your bathroom a stylish and functional space you will love to spend time in.

Declutter and Sort

First things first. You need to go through your bathroom cabinets and drawers and start decluttering and sorting your stuff. Remove all the items from the cabinets and sort them into categories such as skincare, hair care, oral care, medications, etc. If there is anything expired or unused, get rid of them to eliminate clutter.

Assess Your Cabinet Space

Look at your available cabinet space and evaluate how you can best use it. If you are about to embark on a complete bathroom renovation, consider new cabinetry that best meets your current needs. Consider the cabinets’ height, depth, and width and how many shelves or drawers they have or that you will need.

Categorize and Group Items

Now it is time to categorize and group like items together so everything has a place and is easier to find. Keep your different categories separated, like your skincare, hair care, and cleaning supplies. Consider how often each item is used and place anything you use regularly within easy reach.

Use Containers and Organizers

It never hurts to use small bins, baskets, and containers to help organize everything. Baskets and open shelving in your bathroom remodel can help you maximize space, keep things organized, and prevent items from shifting around too much.

Use the Vertical Space

When renovating or upgrading your bathroom, especially a smaller one, make use of any vertical space you have. Add stackable shelves or shelf organizers. You can then effectively use the height of your new cabinets and create multiple levels of storage.

Pull-Out Drawers

When discussing contractor cabinets for your bathroom remodel, look into pull-out drawers. These drawers can be used for smaller items like makeup, razors, and toiletries. The drawers make it easy to access these items without rummaging around in your bigger cabinets.

Use Under the Sink Space

If you have a cabinet under your sink, make sure to use this space as well. Add bins or organizers, and consider installing a tension rod to hang extra toilet paper rolls or spray bottles.

Regular Maintenance With Contractor Cabinets

After your bathroom remodel is done, and you have the contractor cabinets of your dreams, take the time to regularly assess and maintain the organization in your new bathroom cabinets. Make sure to put items back into their designated spots after use, discard empty containers, and watch for expired products. This all helps prevent the accumulation of clutter in your brand-new space.

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