Picking The Right Color For Your Floor

Picking The Right Color For Your Floor - Bowie Remodeling

Bowie remodeling can be a pretty big commitment, but at the end of the job, you’ve got a home that either feels more truly like your own or you’ve increased the property value for sale. Either way, however, you want to make sure that you get a quality job done, with results you’re happy with.

This means having to make many choices, and if you’re putting in new floors in your kitchen, bathroom, or both, one of your choices will be color. If you’re not going to go with the same color you have now, how do you pick the new color for your floors?

Bathroom Remodeling – Lighter Colors

One good rule of thumb for picking lighter colored tile or other flooring surfaces is because you want to make your kitchen feel a bit more open. Light colors reflect light, and, if you go with this choice when your home has a lower ceiling, can negate some of that sense of confinement that a lower ceiling brings with it.

Lighter colors are also a little bit easier to maintain in the appearance department. If you have pets, for example, and the dogs are likely to scratch up the floor as they scramble through the home, lighter colors tend to diminish the effect of those scratches and other marks.

Darker Colors

In a similar vein, if you have a larger kitchen or a taller ceiling, going with darker colors can help make the space feel a little less empty. Darker colors, especially the earthier, more organic shades can also evoke feelings of warmth and naturalism.

If you want a kitchen that feels cozy, or rustic, you may want to consider darker earth tones. This can also be a nice contrast if you have lighter colored walls and cabinetry, making for a visually striking Bowie remodeling if you go with this choice. Of course, you may also have to exercise a bit more care with maintenance as, unlike the lighter colored floor, marks and scratches tend to stand out more.

Bold Colors

If something airy and spacious, or warm and rustic isn’t your thing, bold color choices are always another op-tion during your Bowie remodeling. People that want to make a statement with their kitchen and have it always be noticed and remarked upon will go with the bolder choices.

This can mean anything from very striking, strong colors such as blue, to go with strong shapes or patterns that draw your attention to the floor. If this is combined with unusual color choices for the cabinetry and walls, this can make the kitchen one of the most unusual rooms in the home from a color perspective.

Of course, the trick is to always take advantage of the space you have. Don’t try to force in a color scheme if it’s not something that will work with your space. If you’re ever in doubt, talk to some Bowie remodeling experts, and give much thought to the type of mood you want to evoke when you step into your kitchen.