Picking The Right Kitchen Cabinets

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This is the story of Jane. After many years of living in a house with a kitchen that she detested, Jane decided that it was time to do something about it. It was time to remodel and Jane wanted to do the entire process on her own. She was a creative person and knew what she wanted so she made a list of what it would take for her to have the kitchen of her dreams.

The Plan

She planned and researched new appliances. She looked at flooring samples and decided on the perfect texture and design. She went to the paint store and selected various colors that would complement each other, getting samples to be sure that they were absolutely perfect. Everything was just as it should be.

The last decision that Jane made was about her kitchen cabinets. She knew that they needed to be just right in order to complete her ideal kitchen. Since everything else was already completed; walls painted, floors laid, new appliances placed, this would be the last step before she could say that it was a job well-done.


Jane decided that since she knew what she wanted, what would fit perfectly with the rest of the room, she would simply go to one of the big-box stores in her area and order something from their showroom. As she browsed the area, she was content to be alone, as no one had even asked if they could help. She finally found the perfect set of bright-white cabinets to go into her dream kitchen; though they were a bit outside her price range, it didn’t matter because they were exactly what she wanted.

After going from one end of the large store to the other to get assistance, she finally found a person from the garden department who offered to call someone in the cabinet area to help her. She walked back to the area and waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, a smiling woman approached her and they began to talk. Jane explained everything about her new kitchen, down to the last detail. The representative listened with kind eyes and nodded accordingly. She seemed to really understand what Jane wanted and needed.

She took Jane across the department to a set of off-white cabinets and explained that though bright-white might seem like a good idea, dirt would show much easier and Jane would be better off with something off-white. She explained how well-made and durable these cabinets were and they were actually below Jane’s price range. She seemed so knowledgeable that Jane agreed.

The Mistake

When she got them home, she realized her mistake. The cabinets looked nothing like they did on the showroom floor as they were even darker than she remembered. As she installed the cabinets, her heart broke at how out-of-place they looked in her kitchen. And the store had a no return policy on items such as this. Jane was heartbroken and vowed to replace them once she had saved enough money to do so, but it would take years.

The Moral

If Jane had gone right to Cardigan, she would have found someone who really listened to her and gave her what she wanted instead of half-listening and pressuring her into something she didn’t. When you’re ready to take on that new kitchen project, call us. We’ll give you tips and advice, but in the end, we know and respect that the decision is yours.

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