Picking The Right Toilet For You

Bathroom Remodel Contractor: Picking The Right Toilet For You

If you’re having a bathroom remodel contractor upgrade your existing bathroom or even adding a new one, you’re probably going to want a new toilet. Toilets are one of the most important—if ignored—elements of a home. Once they are installed, they are often used throughout the entire time a family lives there.

However, there are many different options for toilets in today’s home. Here are a few things you may want to consider as you look at your choices.

Pressure-Assist Toilets

Standard toilets simply use gravity to move the flush water from the tank into the bowl and eventually down the drain. Some people aren’t always satisfied with the amount of “strength” in the flow of flush water derived from gravity alone. For people that want a stronger flush, a pressure-assist toilet is a good choice.

Pressure-assist toilets have a second tank, separate from the water storage tank. This tank is specifically for the water to be used in the next flush. The water here is pressurized so that the flush is much stronger and more intense when a flush occurs. This also uses less water, making it a more water-efficient solution for people who would like to pay less on water bills.

Pressure-assist toilets can cost a little more, ranging from $250+ to $1400+. They are also noisier than standard toilets, but this will deliver if you want a strong flush.

Tall Toilets

Are you a tall person? Are you a senior? Tall toilets are exactly what they sound like, which is not something many people think about. However, for comfort when sitting or even having an easier time sitting down and then resuming standing position, a tall toilet is a small but significant ergonomic convenience that makes life at home that much easier.

Talk to your bathroom remodel contractor about your toilet options. There are quite a few more now than the standard toilet you’re familiar with.