Planning A Kitchen

Planning A KitchenIf you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project anywhere in Crofton, Anne Arundel County, or anywhere else in Maryland, you’ve got a huge array of options. Whether it’s a home near Walden Golf Club or a new family residence where the kids can have some fun at Crofton Bowl, planning a kitchen remodel is a unique project for every home. It’s a combination of working with the space available and reconfiguring it to represent the goals of the homeowner better.

Here are the steps for planning a kitchen remodel.

List Needs & Wishes

Before anyone takes up a hammer or drill, planning a kitchen remodel project starts with home or property owners first making a list of what they need in a kitchen and what they would like in a kitchen. This will vary a lot depending on the owner’s goals.

A property owner, for example, who is planning a kitchen remodel for short-stay rentals is going to prioritize cost-effective kitchen remodeling that emphasizes efficient spending. A family buying an older home to convert into a dream home, however, is going to emphasize finally creating the perfect kitchen space they’d always been dreaming of.

Create your list of what you know is an absolute must for changes or additions to a kitchen, and add some convenience features that aren’t essential but would be nice to have. You’ll find many of the needs and wishes fall across the spectrum of different price points.

Plan To Reality

Now that you’ve got a list of things you feel you need and things you would like to have, the next step in planning a kitchen remodel is to ground things in reality. Measure the floor space for the kitchen that is going to be the project. Look at how much you have to work and see how the things you need and want would fall into that space.

There are a few different ways you can go about this. Traditional blueprints/floorplans are one option, but today’s users also have access to a variety of other home remodeling software that can recreate virtual spaces in the computer to decorate and see which configurations work more easily.

Of course, another option is to engage the services of a kitchen or home design service. If you want professional remodeling results, then bringing in professionals as early as the concept and planning stage can often be a big help.

Establish Your Budget & Make Compromises

Similar to the actual planning of a kitchen, working out the budget is another area where a lot of the real planning work happens. Unless you have saved up enough money for your project, that “price is no object,” you will have a fixed amount of money you are willing to spend on your kitchen remodeling project.

For a major remodeling project, the price of a kitchen upgrade is easily in the tens of thousands of dollars. Kitchens are, by far, the most expensive room in a home to upgrade. Some of this pricing may have to do with “invisible” upgrades that you may need, such as switching to modern water and drainage pipes if your home is closer to 100 years old.

However, it is the cabinets that are often the most expensive single component of a kitchen remodel. When planning a kitchen, now, during budget time, is when you will start looking at both your needs and wish lists and start cutting things out or making compromises—such as downgrades—on certain items.

For example, if you have your heart set on a particular induction range as part of your kitchen appliance additions, but your price on your cabinet estimate is coming in higher than you were expecting—and the cabinets are also nonnegotiable—you may have to sacrifice the premium fridge with water and ice cube maker you wanted because you’ll also save money on not having to install the dedicated waterline for it.

Find Professionals

Once you have a plan and budget, don’t think that things are necessarily set in stone from here on out. Your next phase will be to find a contractor, and this is where you want to take your time and ask questions. There are plenty of people who may want to help you when planning a kitchen remodel, but only a licensed and experienced contractor will get you the results you want within the timeframe and budget you’ve allocated.

Research the available contractors in your area. If other family members, friends, or acquaintances have had recent kitchen projects done that you like, ask for references on who did the work and see how these people feel about the final result of their kitchen. When you have created a short list of potential contractors to work with, start talking to them about your project, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some contractors may not be available in the timeframe you have in mind.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project in Crofton, the Anne Arundel country, or other parts of Maryland, contact us today.