5 Signs Your Home May Need To Be Repiped

Plumbing In Maryland: 5 Signs Your Home Needs New Pipes

Most of the time, when people think about home improvements, the two biggest items that pop up on that list are kitchen and bathroom renovations. However, these two rooms—as well as other items in the home—rely on a major piece of residential infrastructure, and that is the plumbing. However, plumbing, like anything else in a home, is not indestructible. Time and use can eventually degrade plumbing, and sometimes, the best thing to do is replace that home plumbing, often called repiping. So, when is it time to repipe a home? Here are five signs to call a plumbing company in Maryland.

Your Pipes Are Old

Plumbing often works without any issues for decades… until it doesn’t. There are plenty of homes in Maryland that are more than 60 years old, but surprisingly, there are still a fair number of homes that are approaching—or even over—100 years old!

Homes constructed in the 1920s use lead pipes, which is a health hazard and should be replaced. However, homes built after the 1940s use galvanized steel pipes, and while that’s not a health issue in and of itself, these pipes do corrode and are more likely to break down after several decades of use.

Your Pipes Make Noise

Under normal circumstances, you’re unlikely to hear pipes themselves make noise. You may hear the water flowing through them or draining through them, but the pipes shouldn’t bang or make any other noises. When they do, this can be a sign of obstructions, air pressure changes, or structural weaknesses that may be about to get worse.

Your Water Is Discolored

Everyone knows that safe water is clear water. However, sometimes, water comes from the faucet and is already dirty and discolored. One reason for this, especially if it’s only hot water, is contamination in the hot water tank. If it’s cold water, then the problem may lie in the water pipes themselves, requiring replacement.

Pipes Are Frequently Leaking

It’s the nightmare of every homeowner to have a leaky pipe, but a single leak is, at least, quickly dealt with by any experienced plumbing company in Maryland. However, if you find you are calling the plumber frequently for multiple leaks happening along different pipes throughout the home, that’s a sign that things will only get worse until a full repipe of the home occurs.

Temperature/Pressure Fluctuations

A final sign that you may be in need of repiping is if your water experience is inconsistent. If you find that you turn on the water, and it flows at a particular pressure, then suddenly changes, or starts at one temperature, and then changes to another, this is often indicative of structural weaknesses or blockages somewhere along the water pipe.

Depending on the situation, a single fix might not be the best option, as these fluctuations may grow in frequency and severity even if you replace one pipe. To address the issue, a complete repipe may be required.

If you think maybe it’s time for your home to get repiped and want professional help from an experienced plumbing company in Maryland, contact us today.