Plumbing Company In Maryland

Plumbing Company In MarylandMaryland is one of the oldest states in the Union. Not only was it one of the founding colonies that took part in the Revolutionary War, Chesapeake Bay was also one of the first areas settled by English explorers and immigrants. Some Maryland towns date back hundreds of years, and Baltimore was first founded in 1729.

Maryland has changed over the years, the same as every other state, and that includes all the housing booms and busts that have shaped our nation’s cities and suburbs. Fashions have come and gone, new technologies and appliances have made their mark, and so the homes of today look much different from how they did back when a few British settlers built the first houses of Baltimore. However, many of these homes still need modernization, which is why people look for Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, a kitchen remodeling and plumbing company in Maryland.

We Started With The Sink

Cardigan is located in the Baltimore suburb of Crofton. Our founder started the business in 1971 to fix household plumbing problems, and we still offer these services to customers in our area. You can use our decades of experience to help you fix and maintain plumbing fixtures like:

• Sinks
• Refrigerators with water and ice dispensers
• Garbage disposals
• Dishwashers
• Showers
• Baths
• Toilets
• Water heaters
• Sump pumps
• Clothes washers
• Pipes

We can also fix and maintain your plumbing as part of a larger kitchen or bathroom remodeling, which saves you time and money compared to hiring a second contractor. Plumbing might not be our primary business anymore, but you can still come to Cardigan when you need a plumbing company in Maryland.

We Help Clients Reimagine Their Kitchens

For some rooms, remodeling is easy: a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture can work wonders for a bedroom or a dining room. However, kitchens are harder because of all the heavy electrical appliances, the plumbing fixtures, and all the built-in cabinets and countertops. The same is true for bathrooms, which is why people come to specialists like Cardigan. As a full-service electrical and plumbing company in Maryland, we have the experience needed to handle these important devices.

With our help, you can replace your refrigerator and oven with newer models, or you can completely change the look of your kitchen by moving the cabinets around and creating a new space for your oven. You can add some new appliances that will help you with baking, or you can upgrade to smart devices that will let you control and monitor your whole kitchen you’re your smartphone. Thanks to our partnership with Yorktowne Cabinetry, we can also replace and remodel your cabinets using any sort of wood, finish, and color you can think of.

We Can Help In Other Parts Of The House

Aside from kitchens, we also offer our services to improve and remodel bathrooms. A new low-flow toilet can save you money in the long run, and a new bathtub could come with things like massage jets or a built-in display so you can watch your favorite shows as you soak. As a plumbing company in Maryland, we can handle all kinds of bathroom upgrades. Thanks to our cabinetry experts, we can also completely remodel your sink and cabinet area to make it more functional and give it a more modern look.

We can also help you remodel other parts of the house. Washers and dryers are both difficult household items to replace, but we can handle the job and even add some cabinets to your laundry room to help you organize your cleaning supplies and keep them out of the reach of young kids. You might also want extra cabinets to organize your media collection and your home entertainment system, so we can create a custom cabinet set that will fit them.

At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we help homeowners around in Crofton and beyond remodel and renovate their homes, creating beautiful and functional new spaces where they can feel at home or just make a solid profit when they sell their property to a new family. We started out as a simple plumbing company in Maryland, but thanks to years of experience and expansion we can help the clients we see today in all kinds of new ways.