Know Who To Call For Plumbing Help When Your Home Starts Springing Leaks

Know Who To Call For Plumbing Help When Your Home Starts Springing Leaks

There are not many worse feelings than being awoken from a sound sleep to the sound of water pouring through the ceiling. This issue can be caused by a variety of different things such as a leaking water heater, broken water pipe, or something besides the plumbing. For instance, loose shingles can allow rain to get inside the home too. In a lot of houses, the air conditioning unit is located in the attic, and a stopped up drain line can make the pan overflow. 

If the problem stems from the tank of the water heater, it is highly likely that the unit will need to become replaced. However, when water flexes crack or the pressure relief valve breaks, a repair may take care of the problem. Leaving the problem as-is can turn into a nightmare quickly. Depending on the heater, there are 30, 40, or 50-gallons of water being stored above, and if the liquid continually leaks, it will ruin drywall, wood floors, belongings, and more.

Meanwhile, if the issue involves a galvanized water pipe, small pinholes often form, leak, and then, rust closes the hole back up. Sometimes, these plumbing problems can be difficult to track down and even harder to fix. Repair clamps can seal the hole for a time, but they are only meant to be temporary solutions. One or more sections may need to be replaced, and on occasion, the whole home may need new piping. You can turn the main water on and off to use it sparingly, but who wants to go through that trouble?

Of course, some leaks are not quite as destructive as these, and not all drips originate in the attic. For example, kitchen and bathroom tubular drain lines can lose water from cracks or loose nuts under the cabinet. Unfortunately, these locations are rather inconspicuous, and not everyone will immediately notice the problem, but they still need to be addressed before mold begins to grow, the cabinet bottom starts to rot, or other damages occur. 

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