Plumbing Is The Ideal Solution For Making Your Home More Eco And Environmentally Friendly

Plumbing Is The Ideal Solution For Making Your Home More Eco And Environmentally Friendly

Water is vital to human survival. For one, it is a refreshing beverage that keeps people, pets, and livestock hydrated. Additionally, the liquid is essential for plant life to grow and thrive too. Homeowners use h2O for operating toilets, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and a host of other activities. Water covers approximately 71-percent of the Earth’s surface, but rain is scarce in some climates, and specific areas receive little to no rainfall year round. In these regions and everywhere else, conservation is the key.

Students have been learning about climate change and the impact of using up available natural resources, including freshwater, for generations. The increased attention and awareness has led to more citizens taking on green lifestyles. They utilize various techniques to help the environment, which often include purchasing eco-friendly products, making charitable contributions, or even installing water-saving plumbing fixtures. Our professional team at Cardigan Kitchen and Baths will be more than happy to assist Maryland residents with their remodeling or plumbing service needs, so don’t delay any longer. Instead, contact the office and start making a difference today.


Ways To Go Green With Your Plumbing


1. Install A Low-Flow Or Dual Flush Commode

When toilet manufacturers switched to water-saving models, many people were against the effort, and rightfully so, because the units were continually stopping up. Sometimes, the toilets didn’t back up, but they did not take all of the waste down either. This action left users flushing multiple times, which increased water usage. However, adjustments were made accordingly, and today, there are many high-quality, green commodes available to consumers. Low-flush toilets only use 1.6 gallons of water, which is a big difference when compared to previous units that required 3.5 gallons to function correctly. There are even dual flush designs that let users decide whether to let out a small or large amount of liquid to accommodate their specific needs.

2. Don’t Forget The Shower Head

Typically, shower heads dispense water at a rate of around 5 to 8 gallons per minute. One way to prevent your family from using so much of the liquid is by putting a time limit on each member’s shower. Unfortunately, this action is easier said than done, especially if there are teenagers in the household. Consider installing a low-flow shower head to save water, as they put out 2.5-gallons or less, rather than limiting showers to 5-minutes or so. Instead of becoming public enemy number one in your young adult’s eyes, you will keep the peace while also conserving resources.

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