Plumbing Repairs You Should Not DIY

Plumbing Repairs You Should Not DIY

Plumbing emergencies require immediate remedy. So, it may be necessary to know a few DIY solutions to address occasional faucet leaks, as well as drain and toilet clogs. These tasks may be done in a couple of hours and can be completed by non-professionals. However, there are instances when basic plumbing knowledge and skills are not enough. Attempting to DIY some issues can even lead to bigger damage. In such cases, the best thing to do is to turn to a Crofton plumbing expert.

Standing Water

Finding standing water in one’s home is a nightmare that people do not want to encounter. That is because it is often caused by a bigger issue that you may not be able to figure out. So, a professional plumber is your best bet. They can properly diagnose the problem, find the source, and address it to prevent further damage.


There are many causes of flooding. One of them is a blockage in the pipes. While some people may think that this issue only requires a simple solution, it may require expertise. The clogging may be far down and is not easy to access. Attempting to reach it can even damage the pipe and lead to more flooding, which would be a bigger expense.

Another possible cause is the invasion of tree roots. That is something an inexperienced individual cannot solve.


Any issue with water-based appliances requires expert help. That means you cannot DIY maintenance, replacement, or installation as they involve an extensive process. There are many requirements that only a professional can handle. Additionally, even a single mistake can damage the machine.

Plumbing Modification

If you plan on making changes to your plumbing system, consult a Crofton plumbing expert. They will have to inspect your property to ensure that it can accommodate the changes that you want. They will make sure that the modifications meet plumbing standards and that there will be no violations. It is also important to remember that any repair that requires opening a wall or digging needs proper equipment and skills.

Frozen Pipes

External pipes are vulnerable to a lot of elements. One possibility is freezing. Some people decide to wait for warmer days to let the pipes thaw on their own. Others choose to introduce a heat source to help melt the ice. What many do not realize, however, is that improper thawing can weaken the pipes or even cause them to burst.

Be Sure To Call Crofton Plumbing Services Right Away

The plumbing system is a major part of a home. That is why you should not ignore any problem related to it. While there are instances that DIY solutions would do, some issues require professional help. It may be best to have a reliable Crofton plumbing service company. This way, you will have someone to call for emergencies. Contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths to find out more.