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A Garbage Disposal Unit In Your Sink: Yes Or No?

While it’s not very common in many other parts of the world, about 50% of the homes in the USA have a garbage disposal unit installed in the kitchen sink. If you’re not one of that 50%, and you’re remodeling your kitchen, including Odenton MD plumbing services, is this something you want to look into? Here’s what such a unit can do for your home. (more…)Read More

How Bad Plumbing Can Wreck Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Did you know that the plumbing is one of the most used facets of any home? Each time you flush, shower, rinse, or wash, it’s your plumbing you’re using to carry out these tasks, and many of us wouldn’t know what to do if our plumbing were to suddenly break down! Because plumbing is so important to any home, we at Cardigan want to make sure your plumbing is updated and working in great condition, as this can help you from finding yourselfRead More

3 Ways To Maintain The Plumbing Systems In Your Home

Every winter thousands of people call plumbers to fix their pipes. From seized shutoff valves, frozen pipes that have burst in the winter months and basement flooding in the summer, plumbing incidents happen throughout the year and are rarely expected. So how can you maintain your plumbing to stave off an incident? Maintain the plumbing systems in your home with these three methods.   Maintain Hard Water Valves Over time, calcium and lime deposits form on the pipes and valves in your homeRead More

How Bad Plumbing Can Hurt Your Health And Your Wallet?

From leaks to flooding, any water damage to your home can be harmful. Though the damage may be obvious after flooding or other natural disasters have occurred, we aren’t always aware of the dangers of leaks and other bad plumbing. What It Can Do To Your Health Water leakage can create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Though most strains of mold are not deadly, a few can cause serious illness when their spores are inhaled by those with weakened immune systems.Read More

No More Flooding, Call A Master Plumber

Now that summer is long gone and fall is next on the list to go, Maryland residents are facing down the cold of winter. Unless you are a ski enthusiast or someone who loves to be outdoors in the cold and snow, the best thing about winter is warm nights by the fire and hot cocoa to sip while catching up on reading or television shows. Of course, winter is also the best time to catch up on those indoor projects that youRead More