Premium Hinges Make A Difference To Your Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Contractor: Premium Hinges Make A Difference

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you want a kitchen cabinets contractor to give you the best-looking results. However, there are some aspects of what makes a cabinet a major upgrade that you don’t always see. While many people think about the cabinet doors and handles, the hinges can also make a big difference in the kitchen experience.

A Matter Of Function

Hinges allow cabinets to open and close, and mechanically, these are pretty straightforward items for any kitchen cabinets contractor to install. However, many people have had the experience of being irritated or even startled by either themselves or someone else in the household making a loud noise in the kitchen as cabinets slam shut.

While basic hinges will always do this if a sufficient amount of force is applied—accidentally or not—to close a cabinet door, there are alternatives to this.

Self & Soft Closing

One option that people can go for is the self-closing hinge. With this, homeowners only need to give a slight push to a cabinet door, and mechanisms within the hinge will carry the door all the rest of the way to shut itself. This can reduce noise because less effort is required.

Alternatively, soft-closing hinges can be installed. With this feature, hydraulics are installed into the hinges, so even if someone accidentally slams a cabinet door shut, the hydraulics “apply the brakes” and slow down the shutting motion so that the cabinet door closes softly.

Depending on your budget, you can install either a self-closing or soft-closing hinge. However, hinges for cabinet doors with both features are available. This means minimal effort is required, and cabinet doors always close quietly. It’s not a feature that everyone thinks of, but it can make a noticeable difference for a quieter life in the kitchen.

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