Prevent Stoppages By Not Putting These Items In Your Disposal

Prevent Stoppages By Not Putting These Items In Your Disposal

Garbage disposals are also commonly referred to as waste disposal units. The models typically feature 1/2, 3/4, and 1 horsepower motors. They often prove to be beneficial in homes, offices, and even rental properties. These devices use blades to chop foods into smaller pieces. This action allows the particles to travel through the drain and down into the central sewer system without causing stoppages.

People enjoy having disposals because they can get rid of their leftovers and don’t have to place them in the trashcan. After all, almost everyone knows the unpleasant smells that can originate from foods sitting dormant in a receptacle. However, even if the garbage disposal is in tip-top shape and has a strong motor, occupants will find it in their best interests not to put certain things in the device. When a little too much of this or that goes down the drain blockages occur, and the resident will likely need a plumber to resolve the issue.


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Crofton, Bowie, and surrounding area residents have trustworthy help available to them. Our organization has been serving these communities since 1971, and the team will be happy to assist you in your time of need. Plus, the plumber will share helpful tidbits with you to prevent the mishaps from occurring again and again. Additionally, people that schedule an appointment today can get $20 off of their first plumbing service. So, contact the office instead of leaving your sink inoperable and full of gunk.


Avoid Putting These Things In The Disposal


1. Rice And Pasta

Rice and pasta get bigger after being introduced to water. Therefore, it is easy to see how sink drains, noodles, and rice fail to mesh well. The items are also very sticky. Aside from sticking to disposal components, the foods become stuck to the inner pipe walls. Once this build up occurs, it forms a dam and does not let the water pass through. Thus, a stoppage is born, and homeowners are left with a headache.

2. Gravel

Many people own fish and choose to clean out the tanks in the kitchen sink. This act doesn’t necessarily sound like a huge deal, but if the pebbles or gravel get into the disposal, they cause the blades to get jammed. If the rocks happen to slip past the sharp edges they can become lodged in the P-trap. Much like with the pasta and rice, this action creates a barrier that stops the water from flowing.

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