Professional Remodeling – Get A Larger Looking Kitchen

Remodeling For A Larger Looking Kitchen

Small kitchens get messy quickly, homeowners are more like to neglect them in favor of eating out instead, and they can be just plain frustrating to work with. In these instances, a kitchen remodel is often the perfect solution to the kitchen space problem, but what if you can’t add any square footage? With professional remodeling and design like we provide at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, you can get a more spacious kitchen while working with the small space you already have.

One suggestion that we make often to homeowners looking for a more spacious kitchen remodel is to choose your appliances wisely. Your appliances should be chosen in the very early portions of the design and remodel process, in order to then install countertops and other fixtures accurately and effectively, and what you choose makes a really big impact. Sleek energy efficient appliances, refrigerators or microwaves built into the cabinetry, and oven and range combinations can all free up much-needed space in your kitchen area. You may be surprised by how much space you were losing to unnecessarily large or ill-placed appliances alone.

If you’re limited on counter space, you can always consider larger cabinetry to take care of small appliances. These cabinets will have larger shelving than that used for glasses or canned goods and can be used to keep your toaster, mixer, or other appliances normally found on the counter tucked away instead. This is a method of using vertical space that can really give you working room out of your limited square footage.

Another trick that can make your kitchen look much larger is your lighting, and while this may not add to the actual usable footage in the space, it can make it a more pleasant and open feeling place to be. The installation of recessed lighting or a new window in your kitchen remodel can make a marked difference in the atmosphere you achieve.

No matter the size of your kitchen, we’re here to help you make the most of it. To learn more about remodeling for a more usable kitchen space, contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today.