Proper Kitchen Ventilation

Proper Kitchen Ventilation

Ventilation in your kitchen is a must. You won’t want lingering food odors to be hanging around from your last meal, and you certainly don’t want any fumes from your appliances left. When redesigning your kitchen, be sure to consider all the ventilation options that are available.

Range On The Wall

The best way to ventilate a range is by placing it against an outer wall. This gives you access to put a hood or a ventilation fan right over the stovetop, leading directly to the outside. This requires the least amount of ductwork because the wall leads right to the outside. Just be sure to consider any visual aspects that may be associated with adding a hood. Notice both outside and inside the visual impact it will make on your home’s design.

Range In An Island

A range located in a central island is slightly more tricky. You probably don’t want to run a hood from the middle of your kitchen all the way to the outside wall. That will leave you with lots of hanging ductwork and an expensive project. Instead, consider a downdraft system. This is not quite as effective as an updraft system like a hood, but it can still remove a lot of the odors associated with cooking. The system is placed at burner level in order to draw out the odors through a vent that probably goes through the kitchen floor. Be sure to pick out a system that is specifically designed for an island for maximum efficiency.

More Windows

If your kitchen does not have any windows near your cooking area, consider remodeling and adding some. Windows are nice because they don’t require electricity to run, and are also a source of natural light while you are cooking. But if you live in an area where it tends to get cold, you may not want to have your windows open all of the time while you are cooking. But they can be another good ventilation option for your kitchen.

Check with your local town and state to see what is required for ventilation in your kitchen. If you are looking to remodel, Cardigan Kitchens and Bath is here to help! We’ve got a trained team of professionals who can work with you to design a kitchen that not only fits your taste, but is also functional. Give us a call today for your free estimate.

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