Proper Storage In The Bathroom

One of the biggest reasons for planning a remodel of a space is a lack of storage. People often purchase a home without realizing their storage needs, and then once they are living in a space, they realize that their needs are not being met. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to fix that.

1. Use a combination of open spaces and drawers. Drawers are great for throwing in little things like makeup and toiletries, but open spaces allow for more easily accessible storage items. There is nothing worse than being stuck in someone else’s bathroom without any toilet paper and rooting around through all their cabinets to find some. Storing toilet paper in a spot with open storage allows guests to see exactly what they are looking for without invading your privacy.
2. Add-ons- There are tons of storage ideas you can add on to your vanity. Towel bars can be purchased to hang right on the vanity, toilet paper holders can be placed on the floor or under the sink, and baskets can be filled with miscellaneous items. Think about grabbing some add-ons when you are looking for extra storage for your bathroom or powder room.
3. Above Counter Storage- Most people think about going down and under when they need more storage. How about up? Get a storage unit that can be placed on top of a vanity. If you have a double sink, consider a storage tower for in between your sinks to hold towels, soaps, or any other bathroom accessories.
4. On The Wall- Use your wall space wisely. You can collect many different pieces of art and towel racks to be drilled into the walls, but you also don’t’ want your bathroom to take on the look of a junk collector. Pick the storage and art that you really love and find a way to make it work together. Don’t clutter it up too much.
5. Between The Studs- Check out the space between the studs in your bathroom. Often there is an opportunity to build a built-in cabinet right within the wall of the bathroom. These make a great place for extra shelves which can then be used with baskets and drawers to create an extra storage nook.

There are many different options available for bathroom storage. We’ve only looked at a few, but be sure to call us at Cardigan when you are ready to design your new bathroom. We’d love to help out!

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