Protect Your Bathroom Pipes From Freezing

Crofton Bathroom Remodeling: Protecting Bathroom Pipes

Frozen water pipes, especially in a bathroom, can be among the most debilitating things that can happen to a household. Not being able to take a bath, shower, or even flush a toilet has a significant impact on personal hygiene and even health and safety. If you’re getting some Crofton bathroom remodeling and you’ve experienced frozen water pipes in the past, this is an issue you should seriously consider addressing during the remodeling.

If you haven’t experienced this, this is still a chance to put in the preventive measures to stop this from ever being a problem.

Why Do Pipes Freeze?

On the one hand, this is an easy answer. Water pipes freeze because the temperature has lowered below the freezing point and the water, as a result, turns to ice. Usually, however, water pipes are more resistant to freezing because it is sheltered in the pipe. The circulation of water through a home, such as washing hands or taking a shower, prevents water from freezing. This is why even when it’s snowing outside, water pipes will generally still keep working.

However, if the temperature drops too much or a water pipe is placed in an exterior wall, this can leave the lines vulnerable to freezing. If that happens, and there’s sufficient water in the pipe, the freeze may cause the water to expand and burst the pipe, resulting in potentially thousands of dollars in damage to be repaired.

How To Stop It With Crofton Bathroom Remodeling

Crofton bathroom remodeling can deal with this issue in a few ways. If pipes have poor placement from a previous plumber, moving them out of an exterior wall location goes a long way toward protecting the pipes from freezing.

Another solution, however, is to invest in pipe insulation. This provides excellent long-term protection so that even with anomalous weather and temperatures dropping lower than normal, water continues to flow.