Put Some Thought Into Lighting Your Bathroom

Crofton Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Can Add Light

Crofton bathroom remodeling contractors can give you a new and improved bathroom experience, but that’s only if you know what you want and plan for it. One area that many homeowners forget is the importance of lighting in a bathroom. It’s a common mistake for homeowners when dealing with Crofton bathroom remodeling contractors to plan for a ceiling light in the bathroom and call it a day. However, there can often be more to it than that for day-to-day life.

The Grooming Factor

For most Americans, the bathroom is not just a place where people go to use the toilet or clean up with a bath and a shower. Many Americans designate at least one bathroom in the home for personal grooming. Whether shaving, hairstyling, plucking eyebrows, touching up eyelashes, or applying makeup, the larger size of a bathroom mirror and applying liquids without worry thanks to a bathroom’s water resistance make it a natural place for personal grooming.

However, in order to look your best, people need to see what they are doing clearly. A single overhead light, while sufficient for getting into and out of the shower, or using the toilet, does not do an adequate job of showing people the close details of their face when they need to see them. Overhead lights cast shadows from above to below, obscuring certain details that can make shaving, trimming, makeup, and other activities more difficult than they need to be.

Consider Your Lighting

If you or another household member prioritize personal grooming and want it to be as easy and convenient as possible, plan for when talking to Crofton bathroom remodeling contractors. Properly positioned lights around a vanity counter in a bathroom can give residents a much more accurate and easy-to-see picture reflection of themselves, getting properly made up and facing the day. Think about what you want, or consult with experts if you’re unsure what kind of light placement will work best for your needs.