Re-Creating Your Bathroom, Part 2: The Main Components

Re-Creating Your Bathroom, Part 2: The Main Components

It is important to select pieces for your bathroom that not only make you feel great, but that serve your practical needs as well. Be sure to order these components as soon as you are ready, as they can take several weeks to arrive.

Cabinets and Storage

If you have a small bathroom and space is at a premium, consider smaller corner shelves and cabinets, or opting for more wall storage. If you are able to expand the storage space under the sink, think about cabinets that will give you the right size and number of drawers to help keep everything organized.

Bathtub, Shower, and Sink

Decide if you want, or are able to accommodate, a separate bathtub and shower. Maybe you have both already, but want to upgrade the tub to one with Jacuzzi jets and speakers so you can set the mood with bubbles and music? Consider things that have practical implications, like if you will you be bathing kids in this bathroom or if you are older and might want a walk-in tub for easier access. Do you want that extra sink for your significant other to use? Know what is practical for you and what you really want out of this bathroom before selecting your pieces.

Flooring and Tiles

Tiles are often chosen for bathroom flooring. They are easy to clean, they do not trap dust and mites, and they are durable for high-traffic areas. You can match the flooring tiles to what’s in your shower, or add tiles to the backsplash area of the sink for a decorative and practical appeal. Ceramic tiles can be placed in patterns and even serve as a design focal point in the center of the room, or in front of your new elaborate bathtub.


Some people love to turn the lights on in their bathroom and be greeted with bright, fill-the-room kind of light. It wakes you up and allows you to see all of those hairs waiting to be plucked or shaved. Others might prefer a gentle wake-up, with a warm luminosity, or bright overhead lights with soft vanity lights, or perhaps a dimmer to adjust brightness as needed.

Whatever you choose, Cardigan Kitchens and Baths has the professionals to get the job done right. Check out our reviews and see why so many others have trusted Cardigan for their bathroom remodeling projects.