Re-Creating Your Kitchen, Part 1: What Makes Sense For You

Re-Creating Your Kitchen, Part 1: What Makes Sense For You

You will be the one, or one of the ones, using this kitchen for years to come. It should have the style, functionality, and overall design reflecting your practical needs, wants, and tastes. Cardigan Kitchens and Baths can bring your concepts to a final, beautifully completed product.

Start out by looking around your kitchen and making a list of what you like and what you don’t like. Maybe a drawer hits the oven door when pulled out all the way, or the space for the refrigerator is too small for the new stainless steel one you want. Maybe you like the size of your space but those old cabinets are worn out and the countertops need to be replaced. Pay attention to the little details as well as to the big picture.

What do you envision for the space?

Are you an entertainer who loves throwing large parties? Consider bar seating at the counter, or even a new wet bar for a space to make cocktails and hang glassware. An open space that allows guests to move freely and be seen into the living or dining room may be ideal for you. Choose cabinet placement that will not hinder your line of sight, and think about ways to expand or enhance the space with features that allow for maximum capacity.

Are you preparing for another family member? If you are planning for children, you may want to consider the expanding storage space and making functional use of empty spaces. Cabinets with enough drawers and shelves to organize your items, hanging pot racks for keeping them out of the hands of children and giving you more storage room, and durable ceramic tile floors and backsplash to prevent stains and scratches could all make sense for you.

There are so many things to consider when re-creating your kitchen to match your needs and style. We can help you design a kitchen that is a functional, aesthetically pleasing representation of you! Download our free planning guide so you can start defining your parameters and designing the plan you want.