Re-Creating Your Kitchen, Part 2: The Main Components

Re-Creating Your Kitchen, Part 2: The Main Components

You understand what you like and don’t like about your kitchen, and you have a good handle on the functions and basic design of the room. But, now you need to decide on the details. Here are some aspects to consider as you work with Cardigan Kitchens and Baths.

Cabinets and Storage

Maybe you would like a lazy Susan cabinet to give new life to an unused space in the corner of your kitchen? Extra drawers to hold those mango peelers, avocado slicers, and other fancy kitchen tools? Or, maybe you want an island with enough space to accommodate your mixers, blenders, or even a sink? Think about all of your gadgets and how you would best like to store them.


Ah, the look and feel of a beautiful slab of granite or marble adorning the tops of those gorgeous, functional lower cabinets! There are so many durable, colorful, and intricate designs from which you can choose. No matter your style and budget, you can easily enhance the appearance of a kitchen with new countertops. Contrast white cabinets with a bold, marbled black countertop, or keep it neutral with soft beige tones that accent your classic fixtures.

Flooring and Backsplash

Products by Armstrong Laminate and Alterna flooring will give your floors the look and feel you want. High-traffic kitchens may benefit from the long-lasting durability of ceramic tiles. Try tiles in dark greys for the floors, and then accent the room with a red and dark grey tiled backsplash. Laminate is another great, affordable choice that can still give you a modern look with excellent durability.


Do you want a large single sink or a double? Should it face the window or dining room? How much counter space do you have to accommodate the sink? These are all things to consider when planning for your new sink. You also want to think about the faucet functionality and placement, if a garbage disposal will be present, and storage for your scrubbing tools and soap.

Spaces for Appliances

This is very important when designing your space! Where will the appliances go? If you are buying new appliances, be sure to measure the spaces multiple times to ensure they will fit properly. Maybe you want to have room for a better ventilation system over your stove, or for built-in appliances? Also, think about any small appliances that need to be stored or given counter space.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a long, tedious endeavor. That’s why Cardigan helps you complete your project from concept to finished product. They can work with your ideas and budget to create a kitchen that meets your practical needs and design desires! Contact us today and come visit our beautiful showroom conveniently located off Hwy 450 in Crofton.