Reasons Why Your Toilet May Need To Become Reset

Reasons Why Your Toilet May Need To Become Reset - Bathroom

The bowl wax gasket under a commode provides a secure seal between the base of the toilet and the closet flange. If these components become damaged, sitting on the toilet may leave a person feeling like they are riding a bucking bull, instead of using the restroom. The flange is typically made from PVC, brass, cast iron, or ABS, and requires the installer to anchor it to the floor appropriately. A blown out wax can result in water seeping into the sub-flooring, which causes it to rotten, and leaves no wood for the fasteners to grasp. A previous stoppage could be to blame because the water pressure may have reformed the gasket to allow the liquid to escape. Once these types of issues happen, carpenters, plumbers, and tile layers must work together to restore your restroom’s functionality.

Noticing the increased presence of roaches or other insects in the bathroom may also point to a plumbing issue. A loose, rocking toilet will damage the seal, and the creepy, crawly nuisances will find their way inside via the sewer. Of course, other things like cracked shower p-traps, or broken vents in the wall, can produce the same types of circumstances. Don’t let these bugs invade your investment. Cardigan has been serving residents in Crofton since 1971, and our plumbers have the experience to find and fix the issues quickly.

A person’s sense of smell may also point towards a busted wax ring. Sewer odors have an obnoxious scent that can leave people feeling nauseated, cause them to pass out, and on occasion even result in death. These fumes travel into the home in different ways, but the toilet is often one of the first places that a plumber will check. Other locations that tend to produce the unpleasant fragrances are cracked vents inside the walls, dry p-traps under different kinds of fixtures, and clogged ventilation systems that push the smell back in the home, instead of relieving it through the roof. Leaving the pungent smell to do as it pleases puts your family members health at risk, so let our technicians eliminate the threat. They will track down the culprit, repair the issue appropriately, and keep it so that the only offensive smells coming from your bathroom are the ones that people produce.