Relocating Water Appliances Is A Big Step

Plumbing In Crofton - Relocating Water Appliances Is A Big Step

For anyone thinking of doing some kitchen remodeling, one idea to play with is to place the sink, dishwasher, and other water appliances—such as a fridge with an ice maker—in the areas you feel are optimal. This decision, however, is a major one, and it will require both significant added costs and professional plumbing in Crofton, MD to achieve. Read on to find out why.

It’s Not Just A Move

Unlike with most pieces of furniture or retail electronics like a television, relocating a water fixture is not as simple as adjusting its position and ensuring that the electrical cord is long enough to reach the power outlet. Moving water fixtures any significant distance also means altering your plumbing in Crofton, MD, and that can involve a lot of work.

If you decide, for example, that your sink should be on the other side of the kitchen, you should check the current pipe situation first. Is there a nearby water pipe in that area? Is the drainage pipe of the home accessible from that new location? If not, new water and drainage pipes have to be installed in that location. The walls and floors may have to be torn up to get access to the areas where the new pipes will go.

Be Prepared

There is nothing wrong with relocating water fixtures; however, you should be aware that this is a significant investment and can bump up your kitchen remodeling budget. If you are serious about relocating water appliances, see to it that you can cover all of the expenses that will come with it. It may cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity.

Once you are completely ready for the financial commitment, contact us to start working on the project.