Should You Remodel Your Kitchen Or Bathroom First?

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen Or Bathroom First?

You may be looking around your home feeling like you need a change. But, which area should you remodel first? The kitchen, or the bathroom? The easy answer may be “bathroom.” It’s a smaller space with fewer decisions to make than a kitchen, right? Which means it will be less expensive and less disruptive, correct? Not quite.

There Are Equally As Many Decisions To Make

Bathroom remodeling has just as many decisions as a kitchen remodel, if not more. There are cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile, and hardware options to decide on. But, that doesn’t account for toilets, mirrors, showers, and faucets. Obviously, a kitchen has it’s fair of choices too with appliances and other cosmetic selections like faucets. It should not be assumed that a bathroom will be the easier remodel.

With Decisions, Comes Cost

As just outline, there will be a vast amount of decisions to make when undergoing a bathroom remodel. And with these decisions comes cost. While we can work with a project to make it fit within your budget, to assume that a bathroom remodel is cheaper than a kitchen remodel is incorrect. The cost of a project will depend on your space and what you are looking for.

No Matter Which You Prefer, Let Us Help!

Realistically, the decision on a remodel is entirely yours. There is no right answer on what should be overhauled first, the kitchen or the bathroom. It comes down to your personal preferences. Nonetheless, our dedicated team at Kitchens and Baths by Cardigan is here for you. We have extensive experience with kitchens and bathrooms, dealing everyday with cabinets, tile, and plumbing. Give us a call at 410-451-9340 to find out more about how we can work together to help you achieve the remodel you have been looking for!