Is A Remodel Too Much To Handle

Is A Remodel Too Much To Handle

New Fixtures May Be Easier To Swallow

For some homeowners, the stress of a full blown remodel is just to much to handle. The constant construction, the stress of having to make big design decisions, and the impact on one’s budget, are reasons that homeowners debate over having a remodel done. Fortunately, there are alternatives that may work better for your individual situation. Having small things done around the house, can have a huge impact on your lifestyle. Plumbing fixtures can beauty your home, as well as add convenience to your daily routine.

Fixtures To Beautify

A new faucet can brighten up any kitchen or bathroom, and is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your home. Cardigan has knowledgeable associates that can help you through this process, in a timely, efficient, and courteous manner. Perhaps a new kitchen sink faucet, with a high spout for those huge pans, will not only make your kitchen beautiful, but it will make your life easier as well. Ceramic disc stems are available, which can require less maintenance, than more traditional stems. Some brands even have touch features available. We can help you choose the faucet that is right for you, and we can install it in a professional manner, yet with a personalized touch.

A toilet is not the most elegant item within your home, but changing out an older model, with a new one, can help the environment, as well as make your bathroom more appealing. The main concern when choosing a new toilet should be how it flushes. Looks are important, but if waste is not removed, the product will remove convenience from your life. Our employees are knowledgeable on many different aspects of toilet brands, functions, and abilities, and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Perhaps beauty is not a concern, but the rumbling coming from the water heater is enough to drive you insane. This is often caused by sediment becoming built up in the bottom of the tank. As the burner attempts to heat the water inside, it also heats the sediment, hence the rumbling noise. A water heater needs to be big enough to accommodate your home, and that awful noise will become a thing of the past. Some new features of modern water heaters include tank-less models, self-cleaning models, and even remote control models.

A Great Alternative

New plumbing fixtures are a great alternative to remodeling. Sometimes, a full blown remodel is just too big to swallow. However, the above mentioned products may be a suitable alternative for your home, or for your needs.

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