Remodel Or Move?

Remodel Or Move?

Over time, it is likely that you outgrow your home. If this happens, it is likely that you may be looking for a change, but are not sure in what capacity. Should you remodel or move? There are many factors that may go into the decision – primarily, your financial situation and your emotional attachment to your home and the area in which you live.


There are important financial factors that should go into your decision when you are determining whether you should move or remodel. If you remodel, you should have a reasonable expectation set for how long you will stay in the home once the project is complete. If you expect to move within the next ten years, then the improvements you make should be consistent with other houses on the block. Doing so ensures comparable value on your home, so that you do not risk losing money when you sell. But, you should also consider your enjoyment factor. Just because other homes do not have something should not prevent you from making an update that you want.

You should also weigh the cost of the remodel project versus the cost of a move. Obviously, a remodel will be cheaper than a move, especially when considering mortgages. However, you should determine the return on investment you will see on both options, and whether a significant return on investment is something you are concerned about.

Emotional Attachment

Many people have an emotional attachment to the home in which they raised their family or have lived for an extended period. 70 percent of the people in this situation choose to remodel instead of moving. Having a relationship with your neighbors and being comfortable with the surrounding areas are two big factors that overwhelmingly cause people to stay and remodel, versus relocating. If your home fits your lifestyle, a move may not be necessary – your home may simply just need to be updated. Even a simple project like refinishing or replacing outdated fixtures and appliances in your bathroom or kitchen can give your home a new, improved look.

Begin Your Remodel Today

If you are not forced to move, then it is quite likely that a remodel could be the better option for you. Contact us today to get the remodeling process started! We are committed to the highest level of quality, and our expertise can help you successfully complete the dream remodel you have been hoping for. Be sure to communicate your vision with us, so that we may work with you. We can adjust your layout so that you can maximize your space, and ensure that your beloved home meets your needs.