Remodel Your Bathroom To Save Space

Bathrooms are often on the smaller side, and in these bathrooms we at Cardigan are often tasked with making the most out of limited space. If you’re wanting to remodel your bathroom, and you want to take care to use the space you’ve been given properly, there are some things to consider when making the most of a limited area. Whether for aesthetics, or for function, a small bathroom can be turned into a rather big bathroom with only a few remodeling techniques.

One way we maximize the space in a small bathroom at Cardigan is through cabinetry, and proper cabinets in a smaller sized bathroom can provide a great deal more space for storage. With bathrooms, a person will often store their toiletry items, bath and body products, cosmetics, cosmetic tools, and many other products that they may need on a day to day basis, and this can lead to quite a bit of clutter with limited space. By installing cabinets within the bathroom, we can help you to find a place for all of these things to go, thereby helping you to clear some of the clutter and free up more open space.

Countertops can also help to open up a small bathroom, and like cabinets, countertops can be used to provide room for things needed within the area. Whether you’re looking to store your toothbrushes and daily care items, or you’re simply looking to decorate, a freshly installed countertop system can give you both the aesthetic and function you need to get the most from your bathroom area.

For some, installing a shower stall or a smaller tub can provide a great deal of extra room, and these are services we also provide at Cardigan. A large tub that may not be necessary could be taking up a great deal of space in an already small bathroom, and by opting for a small option, this can be space freed up for cabinets, counters, or open room.

Smaller bathrooms can be turned into larger bathrooms with ease when you hire the right professionals to design and complete the job, and we know just how to maximize your bathroom space at Cardigan. If you have a small bathroom that you’ve been wanting to expand, call us today to see how we can get your individual job started!

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