Remodeling A Small Bathroom

Though houses vary in form and design, most follow a basic structure of having a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. Some houses have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and some only have one. Though modern homes boast bathrooms that are spacious, older homes were built with the notion that the bathroom was for showering and for doing one’s private business. There was no need to linger any longer than one must and so luxury, and space, were at a minimum.

If you live in a home with a larger, modern bathroom, there are many options for a remodel. However, if you live in an older home with a small area to work with, the remodeling challenge can give you quite the headache. Fortunately, there are many new ideas that have come up through the years for taking your small space and making the most out of every inch. You don’t need to have a lot of room to create a beautiful bathroom.


Put It On A Pedestal

A pedestal sink is the first way to create space in your bathroom. Though you lose some of the cabinet space below, the valuable floor space you gain is well worth it. Above the sink, a new medicine cabinet can be added with a larger mirror to give the illusion of space and enhance the lighting. Consider installing a small shelf above the sink just below the medicine cabinet for added space for toothbrushes or a pretty vase of flowers.


See-Through Shower

A glass shower enclosure gives the illusion of space as it allows the viewer to see the entire bathroom, end-to-end, at once. If the shower space is large enough, a completely open walk-in shower also makes the bathroom seem bigger. Inside the shower, a recessed cubby gives you a place to put your toiletries without taking up precious room. If a bathtub is necessity, consider a smaller tub and shower combo with the glass enclosure surrounding it.


Space-Saver Commode

Today, you can find toilets in just about every shape and size. Some save space and many save on water as well. Shop for a commode that will satisfy space and budget. If possible, consider moving the toilet to a different area of the bathroom, depending on space saving sense. The wall above your commode can be utilized for storage when you install stylish shelves, or even a sleek wall cabinet.


Lighten Up The Color

Lighter colors will make you bathroom seem bigger. Wallpaper in a rich design, or bolder colored paint, can be offset by classic white accessories. Window dressings should be minimal and let is as much natural light as possible. If there are no windows, expand on light by installing a large mirror on one of the walls. Down below, floor tile can be installed in a black-and-white checkered pattern, or another eye-catching design, to provide contrast and visual interest.

So there you have it; you can start remodeling a small bathroom to make it seem bigger and you can design it with a modern flair. At Cardigan, our experienced designers can listen to your ideas and help you bring them to life. No bathroom is too small, no dream is too big.

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