Remodeling A Bathroom For Seniors

Remodeling A Bathroom For Seniors

When someone has spent years—even decades—in the same home, raising a family, watching them grow up and start families of their own, even losing a few friends or loved ones to the passage of time, that home becomes a special place. That’s why for some, as the retirement years approach, the idea of giving up that home and moving someplace else is not difficult for financial reasons, but emotional ones.

It is, however, completely understandable why someone would want to spend their twilight years in the home they’ve lived in for so long. Sometimes, however, age can make that same home a more difficult place to live in. But with a proper Crofton bathroom remodeling solution, homes can be turned into much friendlier places for older residents.

A Safer Bathroom

Falls are one of the chief hazards that seniors face as they grow older and lose their mobility, flexibility and even durability. A typical bathroom, in this case, becomes a virtual minefield of accidents as everything from slippery, wet tile to fixtures at difficult heights make a normal bathroom much riskier to navigate for someone delicate and infirm.

This is why a bathroom remodel for elderly accessibility isn’t about aesthetics so much as it is safety and functionality. There are many additions or modifications that can be made to a bathroom that make it much easier for a senior resident. If you have an older parent in your life that you want to have a continued, safe bathroom experience, consider these changes.

Grab Bars

Placing grab bars on the walls at strategic locations can make a huge difference for the elderly with some mobility issues. A grab bar by the toilet means that an elderly user can slowly sit themself down on the toilet for greater comfort. More importantly, however, they can pull themselves back up, meaning that they can still use the toilet without requiring outside assistance just to do so either comfortably or safely.

Grab bars in the shower or bathtub are also important additions. These areas have a high risk of slipping due to the water present. Once again, this adds an extra factor of safety, but it also allows for more independence. People can lower themselves into tubs, or stand back up without needing help thanks to grab bars.

More Space

Something else that becomes a bigger issue for some seniors is the need for more room in the bathroom to accommodate aids for mobility. The use of a cane, walker, or even a wheelchair mean that “normal sized” bath-rooms may feel cramped, while smaller bathrooms may simply be unusable.

If you’re remodeling a bathroom for a senior, take their own mobility into account. Make sure that enough room exists in this room for them to navigate the space with the tool they now rely upon to move around. An additional consideration paired with this is to make other accessories in the room—such as toilet paper dispensers—one-handed.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your parents’ bathroom for their senior years. Make sure you plan for it properly.