Basement Remodeling Can Bring A Return On Investment

Remodeling Can Bring A Return On Investment

Over the past few years, more and more homeowners have been investing in remodeling projects. Remodeling is seen as a better alternative to uprooting and moving. A remodel can bring a return on investment, and improve the value of your home.

Maintain The Value Of Your Home

Remodeling allows you to improve and maintain the value of your home over time, especially relative to surrounding homes. If your neighbors are undergoing remodels, their homes will be considered more valuable than yours. Remodeling can maintain the current value standard of your home and property, while also giving you the ability to stay in the neighborhood that you love.

The longer you hold onto your home after a remodel, the more likely you are to recoup the entire project’s cost as an investment return. If you remodeled and sold your home the day after you completed the remodel, you would see about a 70% return on investment. And what’s the point of that, anyway? You wouldn’t even get to enjoy your new remodel!

Returns Where The Eyes Can See

Bathroom and kitchens are two of the best options you can choose for a remodel. They’re big, grand rooms that can “pop” and “wow,” meaning they will attract buyers and increase the likelihood of a return on your investment. Homebuyers are likely to splurge a little bit more on a home with a grandiose bathroom or kitchen. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to yield a 100% return on investment. In Baltimore, a $10,000 bathroom remodel yielded a 182% return on investment upon resale.

Considering Making An Investment In Your Home?

There is no better time than the present to invest in yourself, and in your home. At Cardigan, we work with you to create the custom project of your dreams. From kitchen remodeling to basement remodeling, we love making our customer’s dreams come true. With over 40 years of experience, we are committed to the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. When through with your project, we promise that you will be satisfied, and will see an improved quality in your home.