Remodeling Ideas for A Luxurious Crofton Home Bathroom

Remodeling Ideas for A Luxurious Crofton Home Bathroom

Adding luxurious touches into any space can make a world of a difference when it comes to elevating atmosphere and value. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it takes investing in the right utilities and decor, as well as expert execution, to achieve a gorgeous private sanctuary out of what used to be a plain old bathroom. Here, we list down a few luxurious remodeling ideas you can apply to your Crofton bathroom remodeling project.

A Picture Perfect Vanity

Creating a pristine vanity area for you (or your future home buyers) to lounge in is one of the best ways to achieve a hint of opulence in the bathroom. You can start by changing out your old bathroom countertops with gorgeous quartz countertops. Quartz bathrooms have garnered tremendous popularity over the last few years as they’re often spotted in celebrity homes all over the internet. Once the countertops have been installed, decide what kind of mirrors and lights would best fit both your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Plan out the theme and aesthetic of the space with your contractor and make sure all your ideas and clear and agreed upon before any remodeling work begins. If possible, make sure your vision is clear to your contractor before hiring them, so both of you can agree that the project is feasible in terms of budget and expectations.

A Spa Retreat At Home

If you have enough space and the budget allows, invest in amenities such as a deep soaking bathtub, steam showers, and massaging showerheads. These luxurious additions not only promise a pleasant spa-like experience within your home, but they also significantly drive up your home’s value if you decide to sell it. Make sure your contractor is also a master plumber, or at least partners with one, to get all the installations done flawlessly.

Luxurious Storage Options With A Crofton Bathroom Remodeling Project

Even the slightest amount of clutter can ruin the look of any bathroom. Avoid the possibility of clutter from building up by appropriating ample storage options. Choose what type of cabinetry best suits your bathroom’s look, but for a timeless yet posh finish, Yorktowne cabinetry is a great option to consider. You can also have shelving, towel racks, and caddies installed if your bathroom’s space and budget allows.