Remodeling For A Kitchen That Is Easier To Clean

Remodeling For A Kitchen That Is Easier To Clean

Your kitchen is one of the single most used rooms in your home, and that means it’s one of the single most likely to get messy. You can remodel your kitchen for looks, you can remodel for space, but what many homeowners don’t know is that you can remodel for easy clean-up as well. Keeping your kitchen clean shouldn’t outshine the love you have for its design, and with the right design choices, it doesn’t have to.

Tile countertops are common, but they’re also much tougher to keep clean when compared to other materials. Wiping down your counters and keeping them sparkling will make a huge difference in how clean your kitchen looks, so it’s best to opt for something a little easier. Tile countertops use grout, which will require you to clean this grout if you want to keep your kitchen looking fresh, but other options like granite, quartz, or wood do not. With a granite or quartz countertop, you can have the simple wipe down you would with tile, but with absolutely no worry of scrubbing those difficult grout lines.

Like countertops, tile is also a popular choice for backsplashes which creates the same problem. For your backsplash, you could scrub grime off of grout, or you could go for a slab material like granite or quartz for these areas as well. There are a ton of design options in both granite and quartz materials, and all they take in terms of cleaning is a simple wipe-down.

In terms of clutter, all the kitchen appliances that make cooking a breeze also make keeping a clean kitchen more difficult. In your kitchen remodel, you can opt for cabinetry specifically for your appliance storage, which keeps your appliances tucked away and out of sight until they’re needed. Your mixers, your toaster, your garbage receptacle, and even your refrigerator can be stored in a way that looks clean, chic, and streamlined.

Lastly, you want to consider your flooring. Kitchen flooring will see more soiling than any other flooring in your home, but you want to keep it looking clean in a simple way. Talking with your remodel professionals and designers can help you to choose the very best flooring for your new kitchen for easy cleanliness, while still going with the overall theme of your space.