Remodeling kitchen

Picking The Right Kitchen Tile Is Important

If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen—either to improve your home or to get your property ready for sale—one of the things you should give some serious thought to is the kitchen floor. Unlike many other parts of the home where the floor surface can be chosen purely for decorative reasons, functionality, above else, should be foremost in your mind. (more…)Read More

Go For Convenience In Your Kitchen Remodel

You don’t have to fit into the kitchen that came with your house just because it is there. Recently, kitchen designers have made a lot of improvements to storage solutions and ways to improve the function and flow of your kitchen for the better. If you are having trouble fitting all of your stuff into your kitchen, it may be time to consider building a kitchen to fit your needs instead of the other way around. (more…)Read More

Clutter-free Kitchen Countertops

Has your kitchen become the dumping grounds for all your little household items? Well stop it immediately! There is a way to keep you kitchen looking like it came straight straight out of a magazine. Ready? (more…)Read More

A Kitchen Remodel May Make Cooking A Better Experience

Spending time in the kitchen isn’t something that tickles everyone’s fancy, and working in a cluttered or poorly designed kitchen can make this chore even worse. While some may love to cook and work their culinary magic in their home kitchens, others may not agree, but a change of mind can come simply with a full kitchen remodel. Working in a cramped space is never fun, and trying to find tools you need through clutter you don’t want can be a huge inconvenience.Read More

Space Saver: A Custom Hutch For Any Room

At Cardigan, we do more than just kitchens and bathrooms, and we can help to design a custom hutch that can be used in any area of the home. While hutches are particularly popular in kitchens and dining rooms, they can also be used to work as book cases and entertainment centers to free up space in your home and provide a warm aesthetic appeal to work with any style.   In your living room, you may not realize just how much spaceRead More

Flooring And Countertop Combinations For A Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

When having your kitchen remodeled, you’ll want to make sure that the entire area looks great, and by taking into consideration how a flooring and countertop combination will look as a whole, you can do just that. When a guest stands at the outside of your kitchen looking in, you want to make sure they see a combination that works flawlessly together, and we at Cardigan can make it happen. There are some countertop options that work very well with flooring for aesthetics andRead More

A Kitchen Upgrade For More Kitchen Storage

Finding something to do with all of those dishes, tools, measuring devices, and food can be tough, and smaller kitchens are typically cluttered kitchens with little room to work with. With a kitchen that is too cluttered, you may want to skip the hassle of cooking altogether in order to avoid the frustration, and this will typically lead to less healthy meals and a big ding on your personal budget. At Cardigan, we know the power of a kitchen remodel when it comesRead More