Remodeling Kitchens & Baths Is Good For You & Your Home

Remodeling Kitchens & Baths Is Good For You & Your HomeThere are plenty of homeowners throughout the Bowie and Crofton area. Families settle down here and enjoy life, taking in a game at Prince Georges Stadium or treating themselves to a tasty meal with friends and family at Moni’s Place. Cardigan Kitchens & Baths are one of those families too, except that for over 50 years, our aim has been to help people who love living in the Bowie and Crofton, Maryland area to love their experience even more by improving their homes.

Cardigan Kitchens & Baths is a proudly 100% American, family-owned business that got its start focusing on plumbing. But with so much experience in working with plumbing while remodeling kitchens and baths, moving into full-service remodeling was a natural next step. And while the Bowie and Crofton, Maryland area can always count on us to fix a plumbing problem, our remodeling services can improve just about any aspect of a home, from the kitchens and baths to the new home office that needs cabinetry before the real work can start.

If you’re a homeowner and considering trying to make things better for your everyday residential experience, remodeling your kitchens and baths is one of the best investments you can make.

The Paradox Of Essential Rooms Not Being Used As Often

In day-to-day life, when asked which rooms homeowners typically get the most time out of, it’s common for bedrooms, living rooms, game/movie rooms, and even home offices to be the most common answers. These are the places in a home where residents typically spend hours of their time. Bedrooms, in particular, are where residents spend upwards of eight or more hours of the day, not just sleeping but also working, playing, and socializing in the case of children.

However, kitchens and baths are where the real value lies. Even though bathrooms are only used for a few minutes at a time out of each day, and kitchens can sometimes only be used for food preparation and nothing else, these rooms are the most expensive to use and maintain in a home.

Living rooms, bedrooms, and others in a home are flexible by both design and construction. They are empty and can be furnished according to the function a homeowner decides. So when a child moves out, a bedroom can become a home office. Or, if a smaller family moves into a larger home, that extra bedroom can be a guestroom or even a home theater and game room.

Kitchens and baths, however, are purpose-built to a specific function. You can’t swap out a bed for a desk in a bathroom, and putting in recliners and a 100” TV in a kitchen, while possible, would create more problems than it solves. These rooms are better left to do what they were built for, and it’s here that a lot of home value is generated.

Essential Functions

Kitchens and baths perform crucial duties within a home. Without them, people would have to leave their homes if they wanted to eat or even clean themselves. And it’s because of this that poorly maintained—or even just very old—kitchens and baths play a large role in determining the final property value of a home. The state of a kitchen or a home’s bathrooms often determines much of the appeal of a home and how easy it is to sell one, especially for buyers that are looking for a home in which they need to do minimal work and can move in and start living their lives.

However, this also places strict limitations on what can be done in these rooms. Unlike bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms which are just empty spaces, kitchens and baths have permanent fixtures. Counters, cabinetry, appliances like shower stalls, stove ranges, ventilators, and sinks must be permanently installed. This means these permanent additions are “trapped” in the style of whatever decade they were put in, meaning they are the first signs of any home to show their age trend/fashion-wise.

Get It Done Right

It’s not enough to ensure that kitchens and baths get a fresh coat of paint and look good; the quality of the work and the reliability of the functions are essential. A poorly remodeled kitchen can quickly fall apart in terms of looks but, more importantly, can pose a safety hazard to residents if electrical, gas, and water safety requirements aren’t met. Bathrooms are more than just places to use the toilet, as they are often the rooms people also use for grooming and presentation, or even just relaxing in the tub after a hard day.

You get top-tier quality work and installation when you work with experienced, professional remodelers like Cardigan Kitchens & Baths. It’s done on time and budget and will leave you with new kitchens and baths that you can rely on for years of worry-free operation. If you want to improve your quality of life at home and increase the sale value of your property investment, we can help.