Remodeling: Know What Is Inside Your Walls

Remodeling: Know What Is Inside Your Walls

Kitchen And Bath

Kitchen and bath remodels can be some of the most stressful types of home renovations. Customers know what they want, and it is our job to make those dreams become a reality. Once demolition begins, some homeowners tend to disappear, until the remodeling is completed. Knowing what is inside your walls, and where items such as drains, and water lines are, will make future decisions easier.

If future plumbers come out, that were not your remodeling plumbers, they can not see inside of your wall. These plumbers may have an idea of what they think the remodeling plumber may have done, but each plumber thinks differently. However, by keeping precise records, and knowing what is inside of your walls, you can make future repairs, or remodels, less stressful. All parties involved will benefit, which will not only give you peace of mind, but it may even save you money.

What Should You Look For?

Knowing the types of materials that are being used is of the utmost importance. Your house is important to you, and you want to provide it with the best materials possible. However, just like any other products in society, some products are more cost effective than others. Copper piping is durable and long lasting, but prices can sky rocket pretty quickly, when using this material. CPVC and Pex piping are less costly, durable, and normally less time consuming to install.

Plumbers have their own opinions on which material is the best, or on which material they prefer to install, so having detailed discussions with them can be very beneficial. Taking pictures, notes, and keeping copies of blueprints will help yourself, carpenters, plumbers, and any other service person that is performing work at your home. Nails can be driven through water lines, however, by knowing where the water lines are located, these accidents can be avoided.

Plumbing Is One Of The Most Important Components

Paint colors, cabinet styles, and flooring options are all big decisions when it comes to remodeling, but perhaps plumbing is the unsung hero. Having the proper foundation in place, ensures that the entire project functions properly. Plumbing is one of the first tasks to be started when remodeling, and plumbers are often the last to leave. They start the work by pulling fixtures and capping off lines, and then finish by setting all of your fixtures.

Having a trustworthy, professional, and courteous company in your corner, to help with the remodeling process, can often be the difference between a good experience, or a never ending nightmare. Cardigan is capable of making the remodeling experience, an enjoyable one, for homeowners. Serving satisfied customers in Bowie & Crofton, as well as the surrounding areas, has been our pleasure since 1971, and we look forward to handling your remodeling needs as well.

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