Remodeling Services In Severna Park

Severna Park is an area of the Anne Arundel County region of Maryland located right in the heart of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Placed just 8 miles north of Annapolis, 17 miles south of Baltimore, and 39 miles east of Washington, DC, Severna Park is a populated and historic portion of Maryland filled with homes ranging from a century old, to freshly built. According to a recent census of the area, there were over 9,700 households in Severna Park, all of which will require some freshening up if they wish to remain modern and in great working condition. At Cardigan, we offer all of the remodeling services necessary to those in the Severna Park region to keep these homes as dream homes, and this ranges from kitchens and bathrooms, to new flooring and cabinetry.

Severna Park Homes And History

Severna Park became what we know it as today in 1906, but the region is actually much older than that. The name came from a 1906 naming contest held by Oscar Hatton, but the region itself was settled long ago and was once well known as a stop on the Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad called Boone. Some homes, structures, and buildings from the Boone days are still standing, and their up-kept condition can be attributed to quality remodeling and updating throughout the years.

With our remodeling, you can keep all of the charm of your classic Boone or early Severna Park-era home, while still getting the modern and easy to clean fixtures you want for everyday use.

Bathroom Remodeling In Severna Park, MD

When it comes to most used rooms of the home, there is none that can compare to the bathroom. You may not notice it, but your bathroom and its fixtures are utilized more frequently than any other room in the entire home, and for those in Severna Park, this means keeping your bathroom modern, fresh, and with optimal functionality. Bathroom remodeling can take a bathroom in one of the area’s older homes, and turn it into a modern and amply usable room with fixtures that are easy to clean, easy on the eyes, and most importantly, easy to use. As your plumbing and fixtures age, they will naturally begin to break down, and we at Cardigan are here to help keep your bathroom just the way you want it to be.

Bathroom remodeling isn’t only for older homes, and we can turn the bathroom in your modern Severna Park, MD home into the bathroom of your dreams. With your help during the design process, and our professional expertise, you can work with a pro in the remodeling field to sculpt and flesh out the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of, thus helping you to keep your modern home modern and ideal for you and your family.

Kitchen Remodeling In Severna Park, MD

At Cardigan, we don’t solely remodel bathrooms, and we can help you to increase the functionality and appreciation for your kitchen as well. In older homes especially, kitchens were built rather small and compact compared to what we’ve come to know in kitchens today, and our remodeling services can help to take your small Severna Park kitchen and turn it into the usable and functional space you can’t wait to prepare food in.

If you’ve recently purchased a newer home, or your family has expanded since purchasing your home, and you want to finally have a kitchen that fits, we can take care of these newer home remodels as well. Using your help in designing and planning out your kitchen, our professionals will make the kitchen of your dreams the kitchen of your reality, and we can make any kitchen a kitchen that you cannot wait to use.

Whether you’re planning on expanding a small kitchen, or you’re interested in more kitchen storage space to allow for an easier and more organized experience, what you want out of your kitchen remodel is completely up to you. Our professionals can even provide suggestions on all aspects of your kitchen to ensure your remodel is backed by professional knowledge and experience, as this will allow the most satisfying and long lasting remodel possible.

Why Remodel My Severna Park Home?

There are plenty of reasons why those in Severna Park may wish to remodel various areas of their home, and these range from simple updating, to better functionality, to a more pleasing esthetic. One functionality aspect that you can gain from a remodel, that many don’t realize until after the fact, is that a remodel can also make areas of your home easier to clean, thereby lessening your home “to-do” list, and giving you a space you don’t mind keeping clean and using each and every day. Old tile with difficult grout can be replaced by a simpler option, and worn down fixtures that take a little too much elbow grease to keep fresh will be tossed aside in favor of fixtures you can spend more time enjoying and less time scrubbing.

The route to your new remodel and your new home can start today, and with us at Cardigan, your plans are always our top priority. Whether your home is old or new, big or small, we can turn it into the one you’ve always dreamed of with our remodeling services!