Bathroom Remodel – Give Your Bathroom An Updated Spacious Feel

Bathroom Remodel - Give Your Bathroom An Updated Spacious Feel

Working with a too-small bathroom can be tough, which is why we at Cardigan are often asked to make bathroom areas more spacious with our bathroom remodel. A bathroom that is too small will be one that isn’t relaxing, doesn’t give you the spa-like experience you want, and gets messy fast, making it no wonder why so many homeowners want to change up their bathroom areas in order to maximize the space they have.

There are several ways homeowners can remodel for a more spacious bathroom, and the designs or methods chosen depend on what their personal preferences may be. A few simple options for remodeling for more space include:

Change the sink – Freestanding or wall hung sinks have a great aesthetic, but they’re not always so great for space saving. You’re losing a lot of vertical space under the sink, and they may create an awkward space deficit from where they jut out from the wall. One way to maximize your space may be to rid yourself of the freestanding or wall-hung sink and instead have a ready-made sink with an underneath storage cabinet installed instead. While the look is different, this type of sink provides an area for easy toiletry, towel, or cleaning supply storage.

Create deeper shelving – Creating deeper shelving by cutting away drywall is another way to maximize space, and gives you a nice recessed look to open the area up. This shelving is ideal for storing towels and other supplies in the space between the toilet area and the shower.

Take adjoining room space – In some instances, a bathroom is simply too small for all that a homeowner needs from it, and in these instances, we may be able to steal some spare square footage from an adjoining room.

At Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, we want you to have the spacious bathroom you’ve always wanted. To see what you can do for your small bathroom through remodeling, simply contact us at Cardigan today!