Remodeling The Wet Area Of Your Bathroom

Crofton Bathroom Remodeling The Wet Area Of The Room

When it comes to Crofton bathroom remodeling, one of the things that homeowners need to spend some time thinking about is what to do about the wet area. If you’re just adding a “water closet” addition to your home, with only a toilet and sink, this isn’t so much of an issue.

But if you’re remodeling master bathrooms, either for yourself or raising the property value of your home, now you’ve got some serious thinking to do. How you remodel the wet area will have a huge impact on how the bathrooms are used.

What Is The Wet Area?

The wet area of your bathroom is the part of the bathroom exposed to water daily. This is usually where your bathtub and/or shower are located. While the bathroom space, in general, must be resistant to moisture, the wet area, in particular, must use materials and designs that take direct, daily contact with water into account.

Out of all the parts of a house, it is the wet area in bathrooms that put up with the most intensive daily use, and thus “abuse.” In a family of four, for example, everyone taking baths and showers at different times of the day puts wet areas in different bathrooms under extensive use. This area needs to be able to endure this daily usage for years.

Design Matters

One thing to consider when looking at Crofton bathroom remodeling is the ergonomics of the wet area. More than any other part of the home, function, and ease of use is critical here. Traction, for example, is a very real consideration, as most surfaces, once wet, become slippery, and anyone standing in a shower can be potentially injured, just shifting weight and standing on a slippery surface, causing a fall.

Another consideration is how to build a shower. In most cases, a home will have a bathtub with a shower head built into the wall. For some, however, a walk-in shower may be a better choice. This is especially true for households with older or disabled residents. Getting into a dedicated walk-in shower stall is easier for people with mobility issues. If someone uses a wheelchair, for example, it’s impossible to take a bath or shower in a tub without outside assistance to get in and out.

Keeping The Tub In Your Crofton Bathroom Remodeling Plans

This depends entirely on personal preferences. While having a shower in a home goes without saying, having a bathtub isn’t always a necessity. If you prioritize being able to relax with a nice, long bath, then you should plan for what kind of premium tub experience you’d like.

However, bathtubs, especially larger, more luxurious models, take up a lot of space in the bathroom. This is always going to be a case of putting that space to more efficient use with a shower stall or putting the focus on your own enjoyment of a bath, or counting on other potential homebuyers to value having a quality bathtub in the home.

In the end, it’s a matter of drilling down to what you want for your Crofton bathroom remodeling.