Remodeling To Maximize Space

Does your bathroom feel cluttered? Is it a crowd when two people walk into your kitchen? If you feel like there is not enough elbow room in your home, it may be time to remodel!

In a small home, it may seem crazy that a little remodeling could give you the room you need. However, we are here to tell you that you don’t need a big house in order to have a little elbow room! Here are just a few ways a remodel can open up space in your kitchen and bathroom.

• Cabinets- Your kitchen or bathroom probably comes with a cabinet or two already so why put in more?Cabinets are a great way to store and organize things without cluttering up your counter-top. Adding a few more just adds to your storage space.
• Shelves- They are easy to install and give you a place to set things that are normally in your way. Some shelves even come with hooks to hang things from. No where to put perfume in your bathroom? Just set it on the shelf. Is that spatula in your way? Just hang it up.
• Smaller sink- Is your bathroom or kitchen sink taking up too much space? It may be a good idea to switch it out for a smaller sink so that you can use the extra space for more important things.
• Shower stall- Bathtubs can be nice, but it takes up a lot of room and most of us only use it as a shower. Why not save some space by taking out the oversized tub and install a modern shower stall? Modern shower stalls can offer the spa experience while allowing you some extra space in the bathroom.

Here at Cardigan, we are committed to helping you maximize your space without sacrificing style and efficiency. Call now to learn about how we can give you the space you deserve!

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