Remodeling Trends For Your Home

Remodeling Trends For Your Home

When people start thinking about remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, there are two prevailing reasons, usually related to each other. The biggest reason for a remodel is that it’s been a few years—or even decades—since the kitchen or bathroom was constructed, and it looks very dated. The other reason is that years of usage have started to show with wear, tear, or even certain hardware starting to no longer function as well as it used to, like the stove, or toilet.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, whether to give it a facelift for your own usage, or to increase the value for a sale, these are the modern design trends you should think about incorporating.


Waterfall Countertops


Traditional countertops have a surface like wood or quartz, which “ends” with the counter itself, and another material is used for the sides. However, with a waterfall countertop, the material used in the counter “continues,” and acts as the side as well. This is a minimalist, modern design, that looks just as at home in a contemporary urban space as it does in rural décor with the right choice of materials. A perfect, trendy, design choice for kitchen remodeling.


Walls As Peninsulas


One of the most common kitchen remodeling decisions of recent years is going for the “open floor plan” concept. This usually meant tearing down the relevant walls housing a kitchen, so as to make a more open space where people could interact with those that were in the kitchen, rather than isolating them.

However, a new trend is to not knock down every relevant wall. At least not completely. Instead, taking one of the walls and using it as counter-space provides a “peninsula” in which chairs can be added, so people can sit, a counter is present, providing more working or serving surfaces, if needed, and even extra cabinetry can be built in for more storage options.


Wall Hung Toilets


When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one design choice that is very striking—and increasingly more affordable—is the “wall hung toilet.” As the name implies, this toilet doesn’t sit on the ground, but is instead mounted to the wall. Not only is this a visual stand-out, but it makes the toilet more “customizable.” Conventional toilets are at only one height, whereas wall hung toilets can actually be placed at any position that better suits a taller or shorter resident!

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