Routine Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

washing machine tips

Your washing machine is a complex machine that requires some regular maintenance. Keeping up with things will keep your machine running like clock work for as long as possible. We’ve got some basic tips to help you keep things running smoothly.

Use The Right Detergent

Right from the start, be sure to read your owner’s manual and buy the right kind of detergent for your machine. Using the wrong detergent can force your machine to work harder, and can leave gunky residue inside your washer, causing it to smell bad.

Make Sure The Machine Is Level

It is important when you are installing your washing machine to make sure that the machine itself is level. The spinning of the basket needs to be done when the machine is resting on a flat surface, otherwise the parts that keep it working will wear out faster. A crooked machine will not last as long as one placed correctly on a flat surface.

Remove Your Clothes Right Away

Don’t let wet clothes sit in your washer. They can make your washer start to smell musty and gross, and bacteria can start to grow inside the machine. Instead, take the wet clothes out promptly and leave the door to the machine open to help dry out any excess moisture. If you want to be extra thorough, take a cloth and wipe out the machine after you use it to prevent any moisture from turning into mold.

Read The Manual

Read the manual and know if you have any extra filters on your model. These filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis, so you should know about them and how to clean them. All of this can be found in your manual that comes with your machine. If you did not get a manual with your machine, look up the model number and do a Google search. You may be able to find one online. If not, check your local repair store for more information. A lot will depend on how old that machine is.

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